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27 rhode quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Attorney General Lynch is pleased by this turn of events. We look forward to the jury getting the case and reaching a resolution that the people of Rhode Island deserve.

Michael Healey

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Many people are not aware that last year alone our agency helped more than 2,500 Rhode Islanders deal with sexual assault. Sadly, the number of clients needing our assistance has risen every year of our existence. When we move into our new headquarters, we will be able to further expand our services.

Peg Langhammer

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Brings home $1.2 billion for Rhode Island transportation.

Sue Barker

It's sort of like Rhode Island has gone flat.

Glenworth Ramsay

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I was able to plan the art program at the local YMCA in Rhode Island for their summer program.

D.c. Worthen

We immediately contacted the Rhode Island CIO and the Secret Service and the credit card-issuing companies to flag those accounts so they could be monitored for possible fraudulent activity.

Chris Neff

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We see Rhode Island as a great role model for redevelopment, especially in an urban center.

Stephen Bishop

They've done the job and all of our Rhode Island Guard units have distinguished themselves time and time again.

Gov. Donald Carcieri

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In the Rhode Island case, there were no identified victims, and that type of litigation -and the rapid spread of that type of litigation against businesses all across the country by attorneys general -makes Attorney General McMaster very uncomfortable.

Trey Walker

The location is really very perfect. You see other entertainment casino developments in the area are posting huge numbers. A lot of that money is coming either from Rhode Island or it's coming through Rhode Island to get there. What that means is, that people are going to these destinations, they're enjoying the amenities, but the state is not benefiting.

Tom Hickey

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Our young men laid it on the line but Rhode Island made the plays and we did not. It was a one-possession game. We didn't execute the way we would have liked to.

Anthony Solomon

Pennsylvania has the third-highest rate of structurally deficient bridges in the nation. This is behind only Rhode Island and Oklahoma. Pennsylvania has 25 percent of their bridges in structurally deficient condition.

Carolyn Bonifas

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The big problem here in Rhode Island, especially in our lakes and ponds, is that the weather is very fickle. We don?t have consistent periods of low freezing temperatures. We?re not northern New England and we?re not one of the Great Lake states where the ice gets thick and firm.

John Faltus

I bet Rhode Island is getting very nervous.

Mike Carter

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In [the New England] region there are only five schools that are active. We're the first professional engineering fraternity in Rhode Island.

Filip Losowski

There has been the use of drug-sniffing dogs in lockers, but I'm not aware of bringing in dogs to search individual students [in Rhode Island]. There's a significant constitutional problem with that, which is probably why it hasn't cropped up before.

Steven Brown

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Poverty is alive and well in Rhode Island.

Henry Shelton

Rising energy costs not only threaten our economy and our state's competitiveness but also greatly impact the pockets of Rhode Islanders, especially those on fixed incomes. Everyone is feeling the pinch. It?s imperative that we take action now to bring costs down.

Gov. Donald Carcieri

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