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Reviewing has one advantage over suicide: in suicide you take it out on yourself; in reviewing you take it out on other people.

George Bernard Shaw

We're reviewing the scope of what degree of confidentiality is necessary to protect the pueblos' interest, but to also balance that with the need for the public to be allowed to know what's going on in federal court.

Andrew Smith

Whatever the congressman wants to do, that's his prerogative. We're still reviewing the report ourselves and are still deciding which steps are appropriate.

Dave Bary

For the past several months, this office has been reviewing certain alleged improprieties regarding Tyco International.

Mark Connolly

This is more complicated than it looks on the surface, ... We can't just say to an agency, 'Yes you're approved and then we're going to snatch a contract away from you,' without us reviewing how well they are operating.

Charles Johnson

This is sent to the DBPR for reviewing if they want to prosecute this case criminally.

Michael Meginley

I'm talking about someone outside the chain of command, reviewing a percentage of cases for things like: Did we interview everyone we should have?

Marcia Robinson Lowry

We're in the process of reviewing the bill.

Mark York

In-house reviewing our processes, comparing the donor records relating to the affected bags, reviewing records on our storage of the empty bags, full bags, you name it.

Patricia Smith

It's a time when we're going to have to be reviewing a lot of subdivision plans and open space plans.

Jim Moore

The Justice Department is disappointed by the court's declaration that the Children's Internet Protection Act violates the First Amendment, and the department is currently reviewing the ruling in connection with an appeal of that ruling.

Barbara Comstock

When we aren't reviewing our own information, we have outside speakers. The marketing club is a forum that can really help all of us.

Mark Keiser

Reviewing the issues regarding the town assessor that were brought to our attention. However, I can't give you a timeline when we will have a report to share.

Jennifer Freeman

After reviewing all of the information, I felt this was the best decision for the game, ... The safety of our student-athletes, coaches and fans is our priority.

Mike Slive

After reviewing the case, we felt it was appropriate to have all parties get together and discuss the charges. After we did that, we felt satisfied and no charges were filed against Mr. Stapp.

Frank Mateljan

They're in the process of reviewing it, and it's going to take some time.

Tyrone Kemp

MSHA took strong enforcement action by levying the highest fines possible, and we're disappointed with the decision and are reviewing our options.

David G. Dye

I am reviewing this file. I haven't got anything definitive to say about it yet, but certainly, I have some previous views that are well known.

Tony Clement

We're reviewing our legal position in light of the 2nd District Court of Appeal's opinion. Even if we decide not to appeal further, we're prepared to go to court to defend our actions.

Sterling Ivey

The Bush-Cheney campaign is currently in the process of reviewing the contributions in question and will take the appropriate action.

Josh Holmes