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Reviewing has one advantage over suicide: in suicide you take it out on yourself; in reviewing you take it out on other people.

George Bernard Shaw

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We're reviewing it right now.

Abby Ottenhoff

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For the past several months, this office has been reviewing certain alleged improprieties regarding Tyco International.

Mark Connolly

The No No Committee is concerned and will be reviewing whether the commissioners have violated Texas law.

Bob Randall

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This is sent to the DBPR for reviewing if they want to prosecute this case criminally.

Michael Meginley

Down the road the key for us will be to keep reviewing our vehicle portfolio and those of our competitors and staying aware of our customers' needs. We are looking at the opportunities. Dodge is here to stay and grow [in the commercial marketplace].

Scott Kunselman

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We're in the process of reviewing the bill.

Mark York

The archbishop of Canterbury and his advisers are reviewing this matter at the present moment. I prefer not to make any statement.

Robert Williams

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It's a time when we're going to have to be reviewing a lot of subdivision plans and open space plans.

Jim Moore

We just received the proposal and we're reviewing it.

Bud Perrone

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When we aren't reviewing our own information, we have outside speakers. The marketing club is a forum that can really help all of us.

Mark Keiser

The JCI board is reviewing all matters relating to Letseng. That would include the possible sale of any interest in Letseng and the raising of capital should that become necessary.

Peter Gray

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After reviewing all of the information, I felt this was the best decision for the game, ... The safety of our student-athletes, coaches and fans is our priority.

Mike Slive

We are looking at a number of different striking options and we are currently reviewing them all.

Keith Wyness

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They're in the process of reviewing it, and it's going to take some time.

Tyrone Kemp

Once we have collected the 500 signatures, we will send our application in to the city of Columbus. While they are reviewing the application, we will hold an election for the seven to 21 people who would make up the commission.

Tony Lococo

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I am reviewing this file. I haven't got anything definitive to say about it yet, but certainly, I have some previous views that are well known.

Tony Clement

We'll begin reviewing them immediately. It's hard to say how long that review will take, because we don't know what's coming at us. We don't know how many documents, how detailed they'll be, what questions might arise.

Dave Marin

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There were issues raised in the series that merit attention, and we are reviewing them.

Teresa Schilling

We are reviewing the documents.

Clint Roswell

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