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We live in a disposable society, but here, you keep and reuse. I once ordered a part and had it delivered. The part was $10. The delivery was $90. After that, you tend to weigh those decisions a little more carefully.

Don Anderson

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Policy management is really the key. Companies need to figure out their policies from a business perspective, and then communicating and managing those is the technology challenge. If you don't create this governance, then you have chaos. If you don't have a framework for coordinating services, there is no way to get the benefits of reuse.

Jason Bloomberg

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I think were going to see a tidal wave of this kind of reuse of material.

Frank Romano

More and more operators would like to reuse existing sites and leverage the technology they already have in place as they upgrade their networks.

Mikael Stromquist

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We're trying to reuse as much material as we can.

Joyce Lapp

It's very common in elected official positions that when you come into office you reuse what was left by your predecessor. Whereas in an agency, you have a predictable amount of use and should be able to maintain an appropriate amount of inventory.

Jessica Robinson

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This allows you to reuse components.

Sandy Carter

The city took it upon themselves to reclaim the site for reuse. It was never approved by the agencies.

Andrew Hoffman

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We're continuing discussions with our consultant and getting better information on the possibilities for reuse.? (UPS has) made it real clear they're willing to work with us.

Stanley Earley

The reuse of the equipment from the kit will make subsequent batches of wine cost only $45 to $85, in the neighborhood of $2 per bottle.

Donna Thompson

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It's a good reuse of an old building that will now be productive.

Eric Earnhart