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We live in a disposable society, but here, you keep and reuse. I once ordered a part and had it delivered. The part was $10. The delivery was $90. After that, you tend to weigh those decisions a little more carefully.

Don Anderson

We want to try to educate them to the importance of reuse.

Carol Wotton

I think, in general, people are becoming more aware of the need to recycle and reuse.

Tony Thompson

I think were going to see a tidal wave of this kind of reuse of material.

Frank Romano

It's a good idea to reuse them — otherwise, disposal will always be a problem.

Joe Hinojosa

We're trying to reuse as much material as we can.

Joyce Lapp

This is to get people to reuse the things that can be reused.

Jay Price

This allows you to reuse components.

Sandy Carter

If you can reuse it, you're avoiding having to dispose it in the body of water. And you're saving drinking water, so there are added benefits.

Michael Molligan

We're continuing discussions with our consultant and getting better information on the possibilities for reuse.? (UPS has) made it real clear they're willing to work with us.

Stanley Earley

A company purchasing the former Highland Yarn Mills complex for an adaptive reuse would be great news for High Point, ... However, none of the confidential clients with whom our office is working has authorized me to discuss any news about those buildings.

Loren Hill

It's a good reuse of an old building that will now be productive.

Eric Earnhart