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We're able to do it a little different. Not too many bands sound like the early new wave of (Elvis) Costello and the Cars. This is our contribution to the whole new, retro revival.

Mike Condo

It's sort of to do with Cary Grant in the south of France in the 1930s, that sort of thing -- but not all retro. There we've made it modern because we have modern fabrics.

Betty Jackson

The Odyssey and Siena are hot products but they're hot in terms of ultimate-in-functionality and quality, they're not hot because they're stylish. The new VW retro minivan is likely to be hot on a more emotional level.

Chris Denove

[The collection continues her reputation for vibrant prints and colors as she mixes bright colors with the retro designs. ( 168K AIFF sound or 168K WAV sound )] It has big, big dots reminiscent of the '50s, and the prints are really fun, ... They evoke again the mood and the turquoise and yellow colors of Capri.

Adrienne Vittadini

I'd just call it modern music done in a retro way, that's all.

James Hunter

It was a hodgepodge of retro fits and so they completely gutted it and rebuilt it.

Robert Emlen

We've patched and repaired and retro-fitted this building extensively. Rich is telling us it's cheaper to build than to repair. With material costs going up as fast as they are, why wait? It'll only cost more later.

John Hahn

Retro is one of the biggest retail trends of 2005. We have seen it in clothes and music; now it's the turn of confectionery to delve back in time.

Graham Walker

It's very retro-looking. They used to have all types of paraphernalia on the walls but all that's changed, and it gives the place a more updated look. It's very fresh looking and seems to be brighter.

Kathy Anderson

The metro camp is trying very hard to commemorate Rabin and do as many things as possible to mention his name, call new places and streets by his name, and preach his legacy. The retro are trying to negate all that. They're saying it's a not a trauma at all.

Yoram Peri

Some people are having orange dresses made; some are wearing retro orange dresses or orange jackets.

David Wyatt

I don't think that we'll get the $500 million, but I believe we'll do something. We're looking at a possible 10-year retro-activity that would cost us around $100 million including state employees as well.

Sen. Ulysses Currie

Fashion is very cyclical, and there's always been a huge demand for retro. It's nice to go back directly to the designer who was so in demand at that time, and ask them to create something new.

Jane Shepherdson

That's the whole point of the retro thing, I think. The harder you try to push it, the more skeptical people are going to get.

Eric Shepard