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We think it's best for everyone involved . . . if these restrictions are adhered to and are followed so we can operate safely and those who are on strike can picket safely.

Gary Mickelson

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We did not submit an ordinance that we believed would not pass constitutional muster. The Supreme Court says we can make reasonable time, place and manner restrictions in order to achieve a legitimate public interest.

Steve Irwin

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It's disappointing. We probably would have had more (participants) if we didn't have these restrictions.

John Palm

Many Republicans voted for budget restrictions in the interest of fiscal responsibility. This is being politicized.

Kevin Callahan

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We will defy the curfew and all restrictions imposed by this regime and we will march to the heart of the capital to demand democracy.

Subash Nemwang

Therefore we buy materials here in China and ship them abroad by sea. The biggest advantage is that we can avoid quota restrictions and trade frictions.

Huang Jun

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This ruling upholds California's authority to enforce tough restrictions on handing out free cigarettes, particularly in places where children are present.

Tom Dresslar

Where they were having restrictions, now they don't care. Just bring your money.

Dave Minton

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All the stakeholders at the table get a piece, the [recreational] fishers, the skiers, and the rest say, 'we get to do this, we get to do that,' but there is no enforcement, no restrictions.

Cha Smith

Creativity flourishes best when there are no boundaries or restrictions. Our support of Black History Month and the 'Dream in Color' message is meant to inspire everyone to reach their full potential.

Laysha Ward

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They've taken this hammer and basically tried to impose legal restrictions via contract. And I don't know with the great majority of the public, if it is going to sit that well, it is a little heavy handed.

Paul Jannuzzo

The more people do now to conserve water, that will help us put off mandatory restrictions as long as possible.

Margaret Garcia

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Three new countries have already announced that they will lift [restrictions], and others indicated pretty clearly that they will loosen the rules.

Vladimir Spidla

We don't have a gaming environment anywhere where you can have those restrictions.

Dan Adkins

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It's important for buyers to look at market trends in the neighborhood as well as identifying the restrictions in a neighborhood that can restrict their own property.

Scott Boles

The decision to acquit on the conspiracy charge, a felony, is a huge victory, given the narrow parameters within which the four could present their defense, and given the restrictions on deliberations. This is a major setback in the government's efforts to criminalize dissent.

Bill Quigley

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We can talk about there may need to be more regulation but please understand there are some restrictions on the use of that money.

Dale Williams

There are open questions right now and a lively debate about how far restrictions can go in user license agreements.

Andrew Bridges

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Privacy groups and activists have sounded the alarm, accusing a lot of these companies of forming affiliate relationships as a way of getting around privacy restrictions.

James Grady

There are no complications or any restrictions on his activities. His doctors have recommended that he take advantage of the summer congressional recess for some down time.

Tessa Hafen

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