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There is still a huge amount of resilience in the consumer side of the economy.

Stephen Koukoulas

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The study suggests that the way individuals in late life process information enables them to stay on an even emotional keel and feel good. By focusing more on positive things and avoiding negative ones, older adults are able to maintain emotional resilience, which becomes acutely important in the face of dwindling time.

Derek Isaacowitz

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I've been in these games enough that (a 3-0 lead) after the first against a good team means nothing. Trinity has a lot of firepower. They showed a lot of resilience coming back.

John Malloy

Companies in business services and outsourcing, we believe provide nice secular growth and have some resilience to a generally difficult economy.

David Kaslow

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Species declines change predator-prey dynamics, energy flow through systems, and ecosystem resilience, stability, function, and form.

Jennifer Devine

There's a fair amount of resilience in the consumer.

David Abella

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There's been continued resilience among consumers. And manufacturers are having to produce things to meet that demand.

Chris Wiegand

It shows the resilience of this team, ... We struggled last year with being a four-quarter team. Now we are one and this is our first quality win against an NJAC opponent.

John Burrell

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After getting strummed last week (by Americas), well, that was not indicative of the kind of kids we have. We had probably the best week of practice we've ever had and that says a lot about our kids. I can't say how proud I am of our kids and their resilience. It's been a while since we pulled a game like that out. It keeps us in the hunt for the playoffs.

Jeff Cleveland

This doesn't look like an economy that's rolling over. This looks like an economy that has shown resilience and continues to move ahead.

Chris Probyn

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Many have reacted so great in the shelter. I'm amazed at the resilience of these people. They're very religious people, sincerely so, and they have what it takes ... people are out there doing things and living.

Dr. Josephine Beebe

It was amazing how much resilience was shown by the U.S. markets after the power cut debacle on Thursday. These markets seem hell-bent on holding their line and investors and analysts alike seem confident that the U.S. economy is coming back on to the bit with a vengeance.

David Buik

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The resilience of the economy and the consumer have been better than expected. You've got so many potential negatives that it's sometimes hard to see the positives for the market. But the positives are powerful ones.

Philip Dow

They remind me every day of the resilience and hope that resides in the human spirit.

Lee Woodruff

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We have the least (economic) resilience (of all the states), we never built up a surplus. We don't have the momentum, and we will go backwards; the economy of Michigan will get worse relative to the other states, we will go backward 1 to 2 percent.

David Littmann

The people there [YWCA] have a remarkable resilience and a definite need to know that people care.

Phil Martin

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The data revealed some real surprises. Even though most people assumed it wouldn't come back, you could say the forest sort of surprised us with its resilience. Our management goals for early conifer establishment were met even without any effort on our part.

Daniel Donato

I attribute it to innovative marketing, rebellion by the people, you tell them not to smoke they're going to do it anyway, and a faster resilience by the industry.

Ann Gurkin

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They're not freaking out, though, and I'm impressed with how neighbor is helping neighbor. I see resilience and determination.

Alan Manevitz

The wonderful thing about nature is its resilience. The bacterial contaminants will not last a long time in the lake. ... The organic material will degrade with natural processes. Metals will fall and probably be captured with the sediments.

Louisiana Department

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