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I believe we can make these leases and still make good on our goal. If we come in less, this would be a good year to be low on storage, because we plan to draw down Clear Creek Reservoir next year.

Alan Ward

Reservoir in the wild.

Jonathan Epstein

I would like to think that there remains a reservoir -- call it patriotism, if you will, or call it civic duty -- within the private sector that does not require companies to be leaned on in order to cooperate.

Frank Gaffney

We're inferring that there is a liquid water reservoir under the surface and it's erupting in a geyser-like fashion, maybe like the Yellowstone geysers you would see.

Linda Spilker

Clean water will start to flow from the reservoir in the latter part of 2006, a year-and-a-half ahead of the original schedule.

Sangay Penjor

In this largest energy reservoir of the world, great interests placed their sights here.

Rafael Ramirez

One septic system from one household into a 3.5 billion gallon reservoir would not create any kind of hazard to the reservoir itself or the drinking water source.

Rich Henning

Restrictions will dissolve and people will have access to content and the ability to move it between the content reservoir and their devices whenever they want.

Saul Berman

Even if transmission can be eliminated now in humans, there likely is an animal reservoir out there which means it can be reintroduced into humans at any time.

Jim Hughes

The reservoir has a lot more expense annually than direct withdrawal. You've got to look at all the pieces and parts. It's not to that point where we have all the pieces and parts. We need some kind of option in place in two years. We need a focus... You have to have time to plan.

Billy Mayes

You're dealing with a reservoir that extends over hundreds, perhaps thousands, of square miles. It's just a matter of figuring out the technology to extract that.

Lynn Helms

What scares the hell out of me is they're not leaving any room for error (in the reservoir). Just like in 2003, once it starts, they can't stop it.

Terry Andreessen

We did not know they were in the river until we started checking and found them five years ago. The gizzards had been established in Morgan for nearly four years before anyone started to look for them elsewhere. No one looked for them before that time. Navajo reservation biologists are in charge of the reservoir. It was so far from us we had no idea what was going on.

Wayne Gustaveson

Anglers reported very good fishing in Crane Prairie Reservoir during the 2005 season.

Ted Wise

It would be great to have water from Tiber reservoir.

Dave Peterson

This reservoir will enable us to keep a constant pressure in our current system. We haven't had problems with water availability, but just with low pressure, and this should eliminate that.

Frank Mills

You can't drill holes over the whole reservoir.

Mike Schmitt

It is open, free to the public. Come down to view these beautiful snow geese as they are sitting on a reservoir just outside of Delta called Gunnison Bend Reservoir. And we have a big tent set up here and the city has helped us get some nice facilities there and there are booths and crafts and it is fun to come out and see the birds and mingle with the people here.

Lynn Zubeck

The movie is the story of four people trying to tap into a reservoir of something greater than themselves, a spiritual well.

David Siegel

This is an exciting and meaningful opportunity for Kerr-McGee. The Chinook field has outstanding rock quality, and its potential could expand as we continue our appraisal program to delineate the full extent of the reservoir.

Dave Hager