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The poet ranks far below the painter in the representation of visible things, and far below the musician in that of invisible things.

Leonardo da Vinci

Every investor should have some Net representation in the portfolio. And the younger investor, with a longer time horizon, may want it at a higher level, as compared to someone closer to retirement.

Fred Froewiss

The public is only receiving one side of the story as all of the charges in their most sordid representation.

Merle Smith

The members of this 2006 board reflect the wide influence and broad applications of the IEEE 1394 standard. We have leadership and representation from a very broad range of markets, including consumer electronics, computers, peripherals, audio, and industrial. We anticipate a strong year for the standard, and excellent leadership from this diverse group.

James Snider

They end up competing with some of the other arts groups, certainly with funding, that's a big issue, and programming. Many of the arts groups didn't feel there was any representation there. They don't function as an arts council. They are their own separate organization.

Dane Pollei

It was tough at times, but when the final product is a representation of our planning, design and hard work, it's well worth it.

Michael Kessler

I'm satisfied with her representation and what Kerr-McGee is doing.

Will Harris

In any case, narrower representation has more power than broader interests.

Stephen Voss

People can sell you a lifestyle, a representation of who you want to be. People feel they are engaged simply by purchasing.

Gideon Yago

This raises an interesting question: Who really benefits from union representation?

Ceo Bryan Bedford

I'll be doing a show for Mark in December. I know I can definitely get him gallery representation in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, you know, Europe venues, galleries in London and Paris.

Christopher Ford

I'm not doing an impersonation. I think of it as a representation of her, an impression instead of an impersonation.

Adrienne Barbeau

We had no local representation whatsoever. They just said this is what?s good for the listeners.

Bruce Baum

I loved that image. It's a symbolic representation of the deepest emotional aspects of their relationship.

Simon Doonan

There's a pretty good representation of all parties that need to be involved. As well as landowners, federal officials are in step with us on this.

Bob Aldrich

While residents in Maryland's capital city have a vote in Congress, I am leading the fight for residents in the nation's capital to get full voting representation in Congress. The fight continues.

Lawrence Guyot

First, I told them to give my condolences to the parents of the victims, because I also lost a son (his namesake). I promised them that when I heard from Sajjad, after I find him legal representation, I'll have him turn himself in.

Yahya Rasheed

Our forefathers made one mistake. What they should have fought for was representation without taxation.

Fletcher Knebel

We use the Whitman Massacre as a representation for a lot of the struggles between the incoming settlers and the Native Americans who lived here.

Robert Owens

The constitution of Zimbabwe guarantees all individuals the right to legal representation and lawyers are empowered and obliged to represent their clients.

James Joseph