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Preliminary information indicates that a gun was implied but not seen. Audrey reports that she was not free to leave and was not injured.

Shannon Blackamore

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If I'm a doctor in an emergency room, I can log onto the system and see if either of the other two hospitals in the area knows anything about the patient. If they do, I can enter their system to check the lab reports.

Frank Richards

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[The BBC reports that the Israeli justices says the world court's ruling was] flawed as it did not consider Israel's security needs . ... continued erecting the barrier on occupied Palestinian land.

The Jerusalem

The country's never had reports of an anthrax scares (like this) before.

Art Cashin

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Though this was certainly unexpected, all the reports we've gotten back say there is no threat to anyone. We were glad to learn the tank was empty and there are no environmental concerns. Anyone who has or had a child playing on the field shouldn't be concerned about toxins.

Cheryl Morris

These data continue to suggest that labor market conditions are much more robust that recent payroll employment and help-wanted reports have indicated.

Stephen Wood

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I've never had back-to-back plays like that. We had scouting reports, and both times they hit it the other way.

Aaron Rowand

Health Canada reports that the infection rate for chlamydia in Saskatoon is twice the national average, making it the chlamydia capital of Canada. Montreal has vowed to get their title back.

Rick Mercer

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We don't know what to make of these reports coming out from the White House yesterday.

Joseph Cirincione

U.S. economic reports serve to remind investors that U.S. economic growth remains solid, and as long as this continues, writing the U.S. dollar off could prove a costly strategy.

John Kyriakopoulos

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The earthquake was felt in several towns and villages of Gujarat state, but there were no reports of any damage or casualties.

Amit Shah

Until we get a handle on identity theft, people need to not just assume that their credit is fine, because the sky is the limit on how much damage can be done to your credit. Plus, there's always room for errors on the reports that need to be disputed and fixed.

Kathy Banks

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The newspaper reports have somewhat relieved nagging market concerns over political instability, which could result if the LDP suffers a loss in the election.

Akihiko Sakakibara

There are recurring threads in these reports that continue to be the case. The reason is that there has not been a really good quality assessment of front-line practice.

Marcia Robinson Lowry

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It substantiates the reports that we have received over the years and from reserve and Guard members who have been recently called to active duty. It also demonstrates that actions that address criminal behavior need to be taken.

Christine Hansen

The message delivered by OMB is that performance and measurement will play critical roles in the review and approval of budgeted spending, especially the close review of agency-by-agency progress reports on meeting administration goals for managing IT projects and developing effective business cases.

James Krouse

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We have received no reports of illness associated with the food. But we will not take risks with the health of our children. We are recalling all of the food, and it will be destroyed.

Joan Miles

Family companies tend to be intuitive and instinctive. The business and the culture is in their blood, which means they don't have to spend a lot of time with analysis, poring through reports or making decisions.

Dan Rottenberg

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There are reports that all Iraqi exports are running normally. If the worry was that Iraqi exports would cease and they haven't, then there is nothing to worry about.

Peter Gignoux

We anticipate that it could be some time before operators have a clear picture of insurance receipts, which could make earnings reports for operators confusing over the next year or longer.

Marc Falcone

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