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You'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not have known that oil prices went up. But if that indeed has a severe impact on economic growth, you'd still have to say that Wal-Mart is a defensive play. It sells the cheap food and consumables that consumers have to replenish.

Bernard Sosnick

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Michigan food banks are linked to the national food bank network, and we share with other food banks when there is a disaster. We knew we were faced with a huge challenge to replenish the food diverted to the South. Our donors met that challenge and contributed generously.

Jane Marshall

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Fill the bucket with the cash that you'll need for the next two to three years and keep the rest of your portfolio invested for growth. Every six to 12 months, rebalance by trimming from the best-performing assets to replenish the cash.

Craig Brimhall

We're working flat-out to replenish the sites that have run dry because of panic buying. It will take today and a bit of tomorrow.

Chris Hunt

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For a Little League, that's devastating. It's not like we have that much money sitting around. So, for a loss like this to occur, to replenish it is going to take donations.

Jeff Parrill

Manufacturing activity in the region appears to have cooled off. We suspect it will be another month or two before auto manufacturers start ramping up production to replenish sales-depleted inventories.

Joseph Abate

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Anytime you have multiple picks early in the draft you should be able to add depth to your system. When you have the opportunity to do that, you have to make the most of it and replenish your minor league system. ... Overall, if those players are who we think they're going to be and develop for us, it's an opportunity to upgrade the system from the top to bottom.

Bruce Manno

We've got pretty dry conditions here on the plains. It just makes more sense to replenish the soil moisture.

Bill Emslie

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We speculate that our brains can compensate for up to a 60 percent loss of pre-Boetzinger cells, but the cumulative deficit of these brain cells eventually disrupts our breathing during sleep. There's no biological reason for the body to maintain these cells beyond the average lifespan, and so they do not replenish as we age.

Jack Feldman