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20 repetitive quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Computer games don't affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music.

Marcus Brigstocke

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The popularity comes from the fact that these radio stations play a real broad catalog of music, so they aren't as repetitive.

Alfredo Alonso

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You get used to playing two games a week during the season, then you have a while off and practice can get kind of repetitive. We held them to 31 points and that's pretty good, but we have to do better offensively.

Courtney Harris

What people always want to know is how many concussions is too many, ... From the neuropsychological data that I've examined, there's no doubt that repetitive concussions eventually lead to permanent brain injuries. You may not see symptoms initially, yet chances are good that they'll come back later in life to bite you.

John Rosenberg

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I thought the second horse and that one (Repetitive) were the horses to beat.

Noel Callow

The important part of the show is the repetitive nature of the dialogue of the two characters - how they make the same mistakes day after day.

Jeremy Osborne

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There's a limit to how many times you can go out and make your pitch before it becomes so dull and repetitive. I suspect they feel like they're almost there.

William Beach

It's easy to become repetitive on stories like this, and some elements ? how the books were handled and how the accounts were structured, derivative instruments and things like that ? don't engage people.

Neil Cavuto

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The British system had requirements, including Latin. I'm not positive you ever had to know Greek, but there are certainly kinds of curricula where you had to know Greek too. I think in Britain there was the most mindless, repetitive sort of learning.

William Scott

Animals with too much energy and those without things to occupy their minds will find ways to do something. Over time, these actions become something an animal needs to perform and are then seen as repetitive behaviors.

Dr. Bonnie Beaver

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People tend to use just one finger over and over again and it's that repetitive use with one digit that could lead to problems.

Stacey Doyon

Only one thing registers on the subconscious mind: repetitive application - practice. What you practice is what you manifest.

Fay Weldon

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He wasn't a boxer, but that's a general term that we would use to denote changes in the brain of a degenerative nature, ... They can be from one intensely traumatic injury, or they can be from repetitive and cumulative injuries, which is what we believe happened here.

Cyril Wecht