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I'm looking at doing some major remodeling over the next six months to a year.

Ray Charley

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I love it and I bought a house now. We've been remodeling.

Josh Holloway

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People met as a committee informally, but as of Dec. 1, the remodeling was still an 'if'.

Michael Crane

It was a difficult time because we were faced with taking a deli-type of facility and bringing it up to code to use deep fryers and other kitchen equipment. However, we have accomplished the remodeling changes and found new partners that are going to see us into the grand opening.

Tommy Rowe

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Before you're going to do any remodeling, you should check out the existing market for another home. If you don't do it before you remodel, there's going to be at least one moment during the remodel when you do . . . and you're going to find that you can't afford to move anyway. So part of the process becomes coming clear about liking where you live.

Paul Winans

These aren't casual requests for home remodeling. These are medically necessary requests to ensure her safety, her independence and her well-being.

Sarah Price

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The remodeling includes upgrades that are in conjunction with 911, but they also benefit the sheriff's office. Now we have a new radio system. The remodeling and rearranging is a nice upgrade for our dispatch center.

Larry Sanders

There's not too much new building going on, and people are remodeling.

John Prentice

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The $200 billion remodeling industry is almost exclusively small businesses that operate in local communities. And we can now confirm that money spent on remodeling stays local.

Vince Butler

We're talking about an existing building here. By remodeling certain aspects of the school, we're looking to achieve psychological unity as well as functional continuity.

Jeff Sells

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Whether you are completely remodeling your home or using some of the readily available low-cost adaptive products, creating a safe, comfortable and accessible environment is not planning for disability - it's planning for continued independence.

Bob Vila

The only fact I know is that they're remodeling the hallway.

Julie Murphy

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We continue to urge investors to switch out of Circuit City and into Best Buy, which we believe is a primary beneficiary of customer migration from the Circuit City remodeling process.

Peter Caruso

Remodeling is like any other business, ... It takes a lot of experience and a tremendous amount of knowledge.

Thomas Pendleton

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