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If all these things fall into place, the plans are to complete the relocation by summer of 2008.

Jack Williams

We still have to figure out what kind of relocation assistance we will provide as a company. But we're excited about coming to Conroe and Montgomery County. It's a good place for our people to work and live.

John Deane

It does not have to be a hotel, we may want to build a hospital then if that land is the only one available relocation will take place. In the developed world you cannot find a school in the City centre.

Dr Maggie Kigozi

The momentum higher in gold continues. The consensus in the market is that gold will trade to between $600/oz and $800/oz in 2006. The asset relocation into gold continues.

Frederic Panizzutti

The relocation study is intended to show and demonstrate that there are alternate places to locate people who are living there. If there are no residents there, there is no place to relocate them.

Barbara Alterman

Everyday we work with existing businesses, business startups, business relocation, tourism and legislation, and many issues that could have a major impact on your business if not dealt with early on. Our job as your chamber is to help create and protect an economically sound community so you can focus on growing your business.

Mike Byers

The relocation of these assets to the East and West Coast would mean that our response to this crisis would have been even more hampered by the four-day steam from Norfolk, Va., to the Gulf of Mexico.

Solomon Ortiz

It was during this campaign that thousands of women, children and men were buried in mass graves in many locations. The natives of Kurdistan suffered very hard living conditions, forced relocation and illegal detention for a large number of people.

Raid Juhi

We agreed to continue talks on the relocation plan.

Fukushiro Nukaga

The 'Dome is home for them, ... For residents, another immediate relocation is simply too much, too soon.

Joe Leonard

If you don't have the resources, getting housing relocation assistance has proven to be problematic.

Sheila Crowley

The one thing that HR people tell us all the time is they don't have time to understand and to facilitate relocation.

Jean Marotta

I've said all along, no way we would be in any competition with Louisiana. If the games can be played there (New Orleans), that's where they should be played. But if they couldn't be played there, I was very interested in trying to be a temporary relocation center for the team. This team is absolutely going back to New Orleans.

Mick Cornett

More often than in the case of larger companies, small-business owners want endless expansion, renewal, and relocation rights.

Jeremy G. Woods

There will be some local hire and some relocation.

Derwick Paige

We're also No. 1 nationally in average selling price. I think we've also got a top-notch relocation service, with more than 900 corporate clients.

Tom Tyrrell

Years ago it was pretty common to move for a job, but today, people are much more concerned about lifestyle, and location is now considered a major factor. Relocation is becoming a very big issue today.

Tom Johnston

This relocation is planned to ease pressure on the habitat, enhance biodiversity conservation and reduce the human-elephant conflict cases that have risen dramatically in recent years.

Patrick Omondi

It's a good opportunity to retire, given the move. It seems like the appropriate time. I hadn't really been thinking about it until the relocation was announced.

Jack Collins

Other major plant relocation efforts will sit up and take notice.

Joe Marinucci