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In a relay like that, the more you are familiar with each other, the better you are. That's why we try to keep that (lineup) the same. I really think this group on a good day has a chance to go under 42.0.

Lester Hampton

Allyson had the option of running, and she wasn't very comfortable as the first leg. No one is angry. No one is upset about not being able to run the relay.

Lauryn Williams

I think we're set up well for (today) as far as the relay goes.

Chris Palacios

As a senior, I think she deserves that right to try it if it is do-able. It would be nice, if she does go in four events, to find a relay that can go down on its own and possibly bring home a top finish. We just need to find the right combination and get some people healthy.

Tim Atwell

It was a tough day. Still, there were a lot of good times. The guys relay team was great.

Barbara Houck

That cookbook quickly sold out and we've had requests for another. We thought it would be great to honor the 10th annual relay with a new cookbook.

Melinda Schwartz

We are looking for volunteers to help in a number of areas, both during the Relay and in the months before the event. This is an excellent opportunity for youth to fulfill a community service project for school and church as well as contributing to the cause of finding a cure for cancer.

Melinda Schwartz

Our field events did great. We got a first in the throwing. ... We used some freshmen and sophomores in the (400 relay) and got second. That is nice.

Darl Keller

If we could get an upset in the 400-yard freestyle relay, we could have a shot.

Craig Harris

(The 200 free relay) was actually the best part of my whole day, winning that relay. Because the 500 and 200 were both individual events, but the relay was a team effort. I was very happy with that.

Andrew Hoffman

We're hoping to get at least 10 girls or more qualify for regions. It could be a little more or little less, but I feel good we can get those kids and some of our relay teams to the regions.

Mike Ruszkowski

We did it at our meet in Indianapolis in the 800 free relay and the 400 free relay and it allowed us to beat Ball State.

Nancy Hinrichs

We qualified for the New England's in the 4x800 relay by finishing third, but it was not our best performance of the year.

Shawn Woods

I don't think it will affect us at all. We have a lot of fast guys on the relay team that can run with anybody.

Ivan Swendrzynski

(Relay) is important because the money raised stays here.

Patsy Crisel

Sometimes being unreasonable is a good thing. He wanted to be on the relay team.

Steve Arnett

It's always beneficial to have numbers in a track meet. The boys and girls teams each have the maximum number of relay teams, so we hope our depth pays off and we improve over last year.

John Mcnally

We will have to race with each other in the 4x400m relay. It's been a tough week, having to open papers and read things about you that aren't true.

Tamsyn Lewis

We just want to get better from week to week. That's always what we're looking for. One thing we want to do is have a solid mile relay. We've got three good legs and we're looking for a fourth.

Bill Jackson

We focused our better individuals in the relays to get some points, and that really helped us out. Our relay teams did very well.

Dave Redden