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I believe this legislation intrudes on the affairs of business. We need to refocus our efforts on protecting our communities through appropriate zoning. I believe, if we work with our neighborhoods, we can come up with the right solutions. I would love to see that happen.

Jean Godden

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I want people to come away with a more positive attitude. It seems like we're coming on to a new millennium and the world is having a mid-life crisis. Reflecting on the future and this songs may help them refocus on that and become more grounded.

Lee Perry

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It was a tremendous win for our kids and it's always a big deal around here when we beat Jasper. The kids are so excited about getting things started with a win. They're not really getting the big head about it either. We've had a good couple practices the last two days. This group is not hard to refocus.

Dan Hooks

It's a great win, especially being down as much as we were early with their size, and we're going to enjoy this. At the same time, we've got to refocus and get ready for Friday.

Lynn Washowich

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It's made us regroup and refocus. For the investigators, it brought back a sense of we can solve this. If we can get that information, if we can get that lead, we can solve this. It did light a fire.

Dwight Ransome

Many of the questions Democrats asked by the second day [of the hearings] were signals for the next candidate, ... By Wednesday afternoon, the Democrats and [interest] groups were beginning to refocus, to save energy. You can't always appear in the public eye as just an aggressor.

Julian Zelizer

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Since Morningstar was founded in 1984, our mission has been to serve as an advocate for the individual investor. We have been successful in executing our strategy, but we must refocus our efforts to capitalize on the opportunities in the marketplace.

Joe Mansueto

Well over 60 percent of the agents had CGI in their office. The system would also give us improved data quality and let us refocus our people on other states.

Peter Chung

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We started off very slow. We had to refocus and get back to the things that won the first set for us.

Jeff Murphy

Australia needs to refocus on the region and the war on terror instead of getting bogged down in the bloody quagmire of Iraq's insurgency.

Tom Cameron

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That just made me refocus. I worked my butt off after that and really got myself ready to wrestle.

Cody Moody

We're not trying to scare anyone. We just want to refocus our attention. ... We've been so fixated on what's going on in the Gulf Coast and in Houston, but we don't want people not to be prepared here.

Liz Swaine

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It's a fight for survival today for the smaller community banks. We think we match up well (to our competitors), and this was an opportunity to refocus on what we do best.

Bob Warrington

Knowing our girls we will grow from this. The seniors will challenge the entire squad to refocus and improve their concentration on shooting at our practices.

Cary Thompson

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It is fun to move inventory to refocus it.

Deedee Ferguson

We had a pretty good early choice of where we wanted to go. I looked at when we wanted to play as much as anything. I felt this was a team that could use some time after the season where we could refocus.

Tony Bisutti

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It helps them refocus, just like Ken and I are, on insisting that some purpose be made out of this, ... Because we can't let her die in vain. We just can't. And they agree with that, and it's hard.

Erin Runnion

It's made us refocus on care. It's looking at the smallest factor.

Emily Stevens

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