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I believe this legislation intrudes on the affairs of business. We need to refocus our efforts on protecting our communities through appropriate zoning. I believe, if we work with our neighborhoods, we can come up with the right solutions. I would love to see that happen.

Jean Godden

It's very hard for a team to be so high and then have to refocus. There is an emphasis on the WPIAL around here and with the states, it's hard going from that to this.

Joe David

We needed to refocus and he just needed to be comfortable again. We didn't want to feel like we had to run in the Belmont but, obviously, we wanted to.

John Shirreffs

It was a tremendous win for our kids and it's always a big deal around here when we beat Jasper. The kids are so excited about getting things started with a win. They're not really getting the big head about it either. We've had a good couple practices the last two days. This group is not hard to refocus.

Dan Hooks

I know it's frustrating. We have to try and refocus. We expect to meet them again, and we will focus on that. There's not a lot we can do about this one.

Melissa Smart

It's made us regroup and refocus. For the investigators, it brought back a sense of we can solve this. If we can get that information, if we can get that lead, we can solve this. It did light a fire.

Dwight Ransome

I hope we can refocus. The players are here to learn about playing in these conditions and we will be getting their heads together for the next challenge.

Dipak Patel

Well over 60 percent of the agents had CGI in their office. The system would also give us improved data quality and let us refocus our people on other states.

Peter Chung

The fence in itself is a force multiplier. It allows Border Patrol agents to refocus their attention to other areas because it won't require as many Border Patrol agents to monitor a location as it would without a fence.

Joe Kasper

We started off very slow. We had to refocus and get back to the things that won the first set for us.

Jeff Murphy

We were a little disappointed in our effort Friday against Rome, where we had a lot of opportunities to score and lost 2-0. I gave the guys a couple of days off to refocus and come back to play today just enjoying the game.

Ron Ahart

That just made me refocus. I worked my butt off after that and really got myself ready to wrestle.

Cody Moody

It should help us refocus in this competition if we are going to be competitive.

Steven Bates

It's a fight for survival today for the smaller community banks. We think we match up well (to our competitors), and this was an opportunity to refocus on what we do best.

Bob Warrington

He helped refocus the curriculum at the high school. And he is mentoring other teachers in the district.

Seth Lipshie

It is fun to move inventory to refocus it.

Deedee Ferguson

It helps them refocus, just like Ken and I are, on insisting that some purpose be made out of this, ... Because we can't let her die in vain. We just can't. And they agree with that, and it's hard.

Erin Runnion

It's made us refocus on care. It's looking at the smallest factor.

Emily Stevens