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Everyone should look at the paper in their office and find an appropriate way to get rid of it by using either a paper shredder, recycling bins or the old trash can. If one needs to file the paper away, they should create a file index of sorts that lists all of the file categories.

Patty Wolf

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Originally, we had a lesson on recycling at homemakers. The state was pushing it at the time and I thought it was a great idea, and I am a green person.

Delores Swehla

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It helps close the loop and support recycling locally to be making stuff out of recycled products.

Carly Wier

I kind of followed that sound, thinking someone somewhere was recycling some glass. I end up meeting Ken Kyle (and) he told me a little bit about his business.

Sean Wilson

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I really think this could be a springboard to improve recycling on campus.

Jon Keesecker

Pallet recycling normally requires a lot of physical labor ... but you can earn a fair living doing that.

Chaille Brindley

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Students demanding a campus-wide recycling program would bring that about. President Bryant is very interested in what students care about. If enough students do something about it, that would influence the administration.

Don Judd

The theme this year is kind of a recycling theme. So we'll be making a lot of projects out of recycled materials.

Sondra Hines

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We see a lot of cardboard, glass, and plastic bottles in commercial garbage bins that should be recycled. We're more than happy to work with businesses to get them started with recycling and we hope they'll cooperate.

Peter Russell

It's said that we need to get students actively involved in the process. [The recycling program] would provide a very tangible way to participate If the program would generate funds, can't we use them to pay someone to empty the bins?

Rachel Davis

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Enhancing the recycling, supplemented by improving degradable packaging, should be the future direction of dealing with one-off tableware pollution.

Tang Saizhen

The blue bag program helps the recycling numbers here at the landfill. We need to be above 25 percent, and the state's goal is 50 percent.

Mark Kunkel

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I don't think they put a lot of emphasis on it. I didn't even know there was recycling in the dorms until we had to do inventory and I noticed the bin. Then we had to ask about it and we didn't know there was a recycling area until then.

Darrell Johnson

It's a gentle nudge. We want all students to learn the basics of recycling and conservation.

Karen Bryant

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(We) are pleased to see them join Dell and H-P in providing free computer recycling for their customers.

Robin Schneider

Individuals of all ages can make an important difference in the overall health of our ocean by the actions they take every day. Simple things like picking up trash on the beach, recycling and conserving water can have a big impact on the health of our ocean.

Ted Danson

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Here, all waste will be viewed as a recycling opportunity.

Beezer Molten

This is the only university I've been to that doesn't have campus-wide recycling. In a way it's embarrassing.

Don Judd

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Fun way to remind folks in our community about the importance of recycling.

Jerry Abramson

Right now we charge a fee to recycle them, but we weren't charging a fee to landfill them. So we're hoping by charging a fee for the land filling of those items, we will encourage more recycling of those items.

George Dreckmann

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