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Not everyone from our (suburban) Cleveland office elected to relocate. We're doing a lot of recruiting now because we will have a high number of positions to fill.

Bill Bonner

This is a great success. We thank the community for its support and want to let them know our recruiting efforts are paying off.

Brian Kenny

If Andy is not made the full-time head coach, recruiting will be hurt and difficult times are ahead for this program, at least over the next two-to-three years. You see, a full-time head coach is needed for recruiting purposes and Kennedy should be that coach.

Lance Mccallister

Our program has gotten to the level where we can reach for the players who can play at a Division I level. Our recruiting classes have gotten better every year.

Melissa Lalonde

The difference is Hernando County being able to be competitive in recruiting good teachers and retaining the great teachers that we have here, so it's important that we're on an equal playing field. That's really what the school board is looking to do.

Roy Gordon

Making public the conditions of special contracts that utilities are allowed to enter into when recruiting industry would give other states and their utilities an unfair advantage and jeopardize Mississippi's economic future.

Checky Herrington

LSU recruits some great athletes, it's just a matter of going out there and making plays, ... It's going to be like that for a long time because they keep recruiting great players.

Marcus Spears

We don't have a candidate as yet. We're obviously actively recruiting and are confident that we will have a candidate.

John Cattelan

It's exciting for the kids who are coming in next year because they feel part of the program already. And the players we're recruiting for a year or two down the road will look at us very seriously.

Grant Standbrook

When you're looking at a school you consider the recruiting base, the resources, the facilities, the conference affiliation, the environment. There's no better environment.

Steve Lavin

Putting it together was a lot of fun ? hair-raising at times but fun. We're still recruiting for a replacement. A few have expressed interest.

Randy Hussey

Honestly I've already had two calls from the recruiting battalion - 'Hey we know you guys are doing the fly over and we've got some questions about getting guys into the flight program can you help us out'. I'm supposed to talk to one of the kids next week to try and get him to go Army aviation.

Shawn Hayes

Recruiting is a viable strategy - Cheyenne has seen that. But in small communities, you are looking at not losing the things you have.

Tim Thorson

I think it helps on a resume. It's part of the smoke and mirrors of recruiting. It might get a kid a look he wouldn't have otherwise gotten or at least get him in the door.

Kara Harrison

The entire campus is involved with the planning and preparations for this event, not just us; it goes from the office and staff in recruiting and admissions, all the way to the ground workers.

Lisa Miller

This recruiting thing got going before I got here, so that's not the reason they were interested in her.

Katrina Jeter

He doesn't want to go anywhere else or look anywhere else. He wants to be a hometown kid. With the recruiting class Pitt got this year, it's really kind of a no-brainer. They're going to be good.

Nick Kamberis

Recruiting is always a problem.

Mike Bloomberg

I think . . . it's going to recognize our student-athletes on a better playing field. Before, everybody tried to use it against us in recruiting - they're not in a conference - so that's one. Plus, we'll be able to recognize their achievements, not just on the mat but in the classroom as well.

Brad Penrith

Things like this help in recruiting and program stability.

Dave Clawson