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He needs to reconnect with soft Democrats and independent voters, keep the rhetoric and the jokes down, and come up with some good ideas.

Allan Hoffenblum

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It's fall, it's pre-holiday craziness and it's a great way for you to go out with your girlfriends or your significant other and get some fun shopping done, to really kind of enjoy yourselves and reconnect before the holidays.

Kari Swartz

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We need to reconnect with our people, our tribe. We need to be among them. We want this to be as intimate as possible. You can't do that in an airline hanger, mate.

Billy Duffy

It's nice to play small venues and reconnect with audiences instead of always doing the big shows.

Public Enemy

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We really need to reconnect with our roots. They (hometown associations) are the eyes and ears of the community. This is a bona fide movement.

Ann Marie Tallman

We have to reconnect with the fans, the community and I think we're starting to do that.

Lou Dibella

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Companies need to reconnect with their delete keys. Many organizations now believe that the time is right to repeal Sarbanes-Oxley.

Fred Moore

A day hike can be a fantastic way for people to reconnect with the natural world.

Gregory Miller

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Four months without sex made me begin to appreciate the integral role sex played in our marriage. Making love was what we did to reconnect when things weren't going well and how we celebrated when they were. Without sex, we had felt isolated from each other.

Virginia Laken

Around our busy, busy lives that are so tied up living in metropolitan areas, we forget that there are not streets and roads and baseball fields everywhere. The Nature Center helps to reconnect people with nature beyond their own lawn.

Ned Van Maanen

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The best part of the event is that it is a way for parents and players to reconnect and get back together after a spring break that was spent on the West Coast.

Ed Mathey