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Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas

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Some groups believe that our neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy - also known as M31 - is the most massive galaxy in our local group. But we suspect from our early results that our Milky Way is actually the local heavyweight. We are, with RAVE, on the verge of an answer.

Martin Smith

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I was very disappointed in their effort in that quarter. I'm not the sort of coach that likes to rant and rave but the players would have definitely understood my message in the change rooms after the game - it was unacceptable.

Phil Smyth

[For Dear Brutus , Boyd and Alley mainstay and resident company actor James Black received rave reviews. Variety described Boyd's production as] finely calibrated, haunting, ... gives the production its human center.

James Black

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From the information that we have, the Swedish museum wanted to have a totem pole because that was the rave at that time. People from Europe wanted these totem poles in their possession.

Louisa Smith

I know them by their rave names, Deacon and Sushi. They're both total sweethearts, they loved to party, loved the rave scene.

Amy Williams

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We built these amazing-looking futuristic planes entirely in Australia at Fox [Studios]. The techno stuff, Lizzy Gardiner's costumes ... I can't rave about the place enough, and if my next project comes off I'd shoot it in Australia without hesitation.

Rob Cohen

When we played at the Rave last time, it was one of our best shows. The audience was really into it.

Jack Jostes

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I don't know how you put blame on the people who were promoting the rave or providing the event.

David Osgood

We've always defeated those types of things in full committee. At least when his bills die, he doesn't rant and rave.

Phil Hamilton

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