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I guess it was part of their dream, not after the fact but before the fact when they were still dating they already had an interest in that ranch. There's a sadness to the story.

Guy Rocha

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We have an 11-, 12- or 13-item Planning Commission meeting coming up. We're seeing major subdivisions coming our way. We're getting maps left and right for [planned communities] Loma Vista and Harlan Ranch.

Dwight Kroll

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Hey, you can't take anything away from Lakewood Ranch. They put their bats on the ball, threw strikes and played good defense.

Bob Bruglio

When we got into this case, ranchers all along the border were allowing these types to come on their property, ... Now, they're very leery of it, especially when they see someone loosing their ranch because of it.

Morris Dees

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No Highlands Ranch team has gone 5-0 to start the season.

Bruce Wright

I think one of the things about some mountain courses is that you have to hit irons off the tee. With some of the terrain, you have to lay up. Eagle Ranch is a really straight-forward course where you can pull your driver.

Jeff Boyer

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With our strong emphasis on green building in homes, it's the next natural step in the progression. We're pleased. It fits in well with what we're trying to do in Lakewood Ranch.

Sondra Guffey

The new signs will make it easier for people, especially visitors, to find their way around Lakewood Ranch. It will also make it safer because the drivers will find it easier to read the signs.

Sondra Guffey

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It's cheap and it's ranch country. I like the sight of the mountains.

Robert Duvall

At this time the developer plans to develop 2,000 lots in the Sunrise MUD and 800 lots in the Union Valley Ranch MUD. Those are preliminary estimates.

Ross Martin

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I got to know Karl [Malone] pretty well. We went hunting and snowmobiling a couple of times. He's got a huge ranch compound. It's ridiculous.

Tony Massenburg

We'll get established in the residential areas and the new developments south of here. We'll pull people in from west Bradenton, from further east and from Lakewood Ranch.

Cynthia Bartlett

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I wasn't afraid at all. Growing up on a ranch, you're never afraid.

Isaac Gonzales

I've got a chance to make it back to the bowl (game). I don't know how good of a chance. I wouldn't bet the ranch on it.

Kellen Clemens

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I highly respect (Highlands Ranch) and if you want to get to the next level you have to go through them anyway. So it wouldn't matter if you played them next game or three games down the line. You got to play them anyway.

Nick Barnes

The house wasn't for sale, but we wanted to sew it up for our future. We saw the growth at Eagle Ranch and neighboring communities and wanted to have some room for the youth.

Charlyn Canada

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My dad raised cattle on a small ranch. After the brandings, my brother and I would ride the calves. Pretty soon, we were competing in junior rodeos. It's just something I've always loved.

Cody Horwedel

And there is a difference between the neighborhoods in south Tempe near Circle G Ranch and the neighborhoods near University and McClintock.

Mike Gardner

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I personally am hoping to educate people about housing up here and how Long Gulch Ranch fits into the housing priorities here.

Dan Levin

We have absolutely no pen-raised birds on the Armstrong Ranch. It goes to the issue of sportsmanship. These are completely wild birds.

Katharine Armstrong

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