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I violated the Noah rule: Predicting rain doesn't count; building arks does.

Warren Buffett

A guest is like rain: when he lingers on, he becomes a nuisance.

Yiddish proverb

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Bob Dylan

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.

William Shakespeare

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.


Not snow, no, nor rain, nor heat, nor night keeps them from accomplishing their appointed courses with all speed.


Those that dislike cats will be carried to the cemetery in the rain.

Dutch Proverb

He who is drowned is not troubled by the rain.

Chinese Proverb

The storm on New Year's Day will be fairly quick moving. When that happens there is not as much accumulation of rain.

Brooke Bingaman

Still dry. Most of the systems coming through here have been moving too fast to give us any rain.

Kent Kuyper

In fact, when you burn coal, you emit more acid rain pollution, more air pollution, more smog and more global warming pollution which threatens the entire planet.

Dan Becker

Right now with all the rain, the pitchers are definitely ahead of the hitters. And this might hurt us a little more than other teams because we are so young.

Andy Zavorek

With a building of this kind, because it's masonry, it is more susceptible to weather than maybe a steel frame building, because steel is not as affected by rain and cold in same way that rock and concrete is.

John Ziegler

At this point, even additional snow or a light rain would not change it too much.

Greg Gust

We need rain now. That's the bottom line. We need that moisture.

Mark Ploger

We are also trying to fight the rain. We have to put a contingency plan to cover the red carpet in place if it's going to rain. It's a big job.

John Pavlik

Normally we rely on a lot of it moving out down the river to export points as we bring the new crop in. In the short run they will have to build piles on the ground and hope that it doesn't rain.

Rick Tolman

On the high frequency, rain is a concern, but because these distances are so short, they should never see any outage due to rain. Almost to the point where it would take an act of God, and if it's raining that hard, there probably are other things you should be worrying about.

Paul Lefebvre

In general we are observing more and more heavy rain-associated disasters in the region.

Srikantha Herath

I wanted to be a journalist, I thought it was glamorous and that I'd meet beautiful women in the rain.

Bill Nighy