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We've got a lot of pipe in the ground on the railway and we're going to need more.

Dean Moss

They will have powers. They will be sworn in as auxiliary German police officers but their powers will be limited to the railway system and the airports.

Stephen Thomas

Ten people died at the temple and 11 more at the railway station. Eight of them are women.

Kamlesh Pathak

After that, they planned to start seizing official buildings, and start blocking railway lines with the aim of completely paralyzing the state.

Stepan Sukhorenko

MISDEMEANOR, n. An infraction of the law having less dignity than a felony and constituting no claim to admittance into the best criminal society. By misdemeanors he essays to climb Into the aristocracy of crime. O, woe was him! -- with manner chill and grand 'Captains of industry' refused his hand, 'Kings of finance' denied him recognition And 'railway magnates'.

Ambrose Bierce

It stems from Old Trafford being beside a railway and a canal. Food is dropped and the mice get in under the gates.

Phil Townsend

They could easily hit the city of Cheyenne. They could disable our railway system by using bombs. I hate to see us cut out of the picture.

Dave Coleman

Cumberland was the guy who decided to bring the railway to Allandale, but not Barrie.

Chuck Harris

In some outdoor environments, like football grounds and railway stations, there is genuine cause for concern. But in other places, there are pretty obvious facts about air circulation which mean the potential for harm is far less. Certainly, stopping people smoking in their homes is taking things a bit far.

Deborah Arnott

There are lots of women working in the army, lots of construction troops, railway troops, you name it. And the combat troops, well-equipped and well-trained, there are less than 100,000.

Ruslan Pukhov

Ten people have died at the (Hanuman) temple and 11 more at the railway station. Eight of them are women.

Kamlesh Pathak