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There is an increasing sense that defense lawyers have become an arm of prosecutors. Their job will be to investigate and report to the government.

Robert Litt

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The concern is that we shouldn't do mandatory minimums because it ties the hands of prosecutors and you may make some victims testify who don't want to testify.

Rep. Michael Kainen

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Let's stop arguing about it, let's pass the president's plan ... more prosecutors, more after-school programs. We can't sit by and watch these trends continue.

Bruce Reed

Prosecutors haven't revealed everything they have, so it's hard to render judgment on them.

Jonathan Turley

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I think there is a kind of general deference that is accorded the prosecutors.

Fc Dallas

It defies belief that a critical and hard-won body of evidence could be so quickly handed back, making it inaccessible to prosecutors and helping shield the criminals from justice.

Peter Eigen

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I don't want any political interference in criminal investigations by prosecutors.

Frank Hsieh

(The head of the crime lab) was committing perjury in criminal cases where he would intentionally misrepresent scientific data to help prosecutors get a conviction, even when he knew that that data was false.

Peter Neufeld

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[The judge went on to ask the prosecutors whether the 10 years that have passed since Yach's conviction] makes this stale ... it's up to the DMV.

Bruce Nelson

The idea that we're trying to cover up for the system is false. It's really infuriating. Does anybody believe prosecutors want to keep a system that's broken? That's sending innocent people to death?

Cliff Herberg

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Was about the prosecutors, what's been said about them, what Mr. Blumenthal has heard about them.

Sidney Blumenthal

It all depends on how fast prosecutors proceed. [The DOJ] chooses the order of their witnesses.

Barry Flynn

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This was a complicated case that involved a number of statements. We presented statements to the prosecutor's office and the determination was made there as to the criminal charges.

Joseph Newport

Holding him without due process is improper, and either ICE or the prosecutors should explain why.

Stephen Bernstein

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That was a smart thing (for prosecutors) to do. It'll take away another avenue of questioning in cross.

Brad Lewis

Under no circumstances will I, or any of my advisers, prosecutors, the law enforcement officers working on this case or the grand jurors discuss grand jury proceedings - today or ever - unless ordered by the court.

Alex Hunter

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Some new language has been added to these laws, and it will be up to the prosecutors in each county to relate to each agency how he or she interprets these laws.

Jimmy Morgan

The response of law enforcement and prosecutors to this threat didn't have nearly as much to do with the fact that it involved David Letterman as it had to do with the fact that Kelly Frank was the defendant, ... Once we knew of his criminal history and his behavior, we took this very seriously.

Joe Coble

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The Wayne County Prosecutor's office has been very aggressive in this case and we have every confidence that they will prevail in this case and some sense of justice will be achieved for Sal and his family.

Jeffrey Montgomery

Prosecutors need to keep the jury interested. If the defense drags it out too much, if it all seems too complicated, a jury might think since they themselves didn't understand, that's enough for reasonable doubt about guilt.

Philip Hilder

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