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Put the two of them together in the wake of The Producers, and these guys are unquestionably one of the great acting teams of our generation.

Howard Sherman

Other writers, producers, and directors of low-budget films would often put down the film they were making, saying it was just something to make money with. I never felt that. If I took the assignment, I'd give it my best shot.

Roger Corman

Creatively we just did not get the show where it needed to be. All of us tried really hard - producers, network, studio - but it just never got on track.

Steve Mcpherson

A lot of our grapes go to the Central Valley. These producers can?t justify higher wine grape prices.

Dennis Collins

This is the first award we've ever won so it will probably be the most memorable one. I can't believe that you guys chose us over other brilliant producers.

Pharrell Williams

Commodity producers were particularly hard hit after falls in base metal prices over recent days.

Robert Wallis

We were surprised that bankers and accountants came up so high. I really expected lawyers, maybe television producers and radio announcers (to rank high). In my experiences, they're pretty bad.

Charles Gerba

I do not think Chinese power producers are going to rush into nuclear power because it's the 'in' thing.

Joseph Jacobelli

They should figure a strategy to make life more difficult for producers... It might mean China wouldn't have to spend so much.

David Zweig

We're seeing an increase of producers entering into the raw milk market.

Claudia Coles

We had planned to do a medley of all the songs we cut from the show during previews. But the producers just informed me that we are not closing tonight.

Lonny Price

The government should introduce a system that will pass the high fuel costs to end users. Otherwise, electricity producers will suffer severe losses as fuel prices fluctuate.

Wang Yonggan

When the spread is wide, packers are forced into the market — and producers have leverage. When the spread narrows, packers have the leverage.

Kevin Good

With the market deficit slowly being filled by the big three producers at increasing unit capital cost - greenfield projects are likely to be much harder to justify, highlighting one motivation in the strategic advantage of bringing forward these expansions.

Credit Suisse First Boston

I do think, though, longer term the semiconductor area, both equipment makers and the chip producers, is probably the best area to be in this market looking forward.

Terence Gabriel

The FF Plus therefore calls on the government to investigate the effect that imports have on the milk producers industry and together with the dairy and milk producers, find solutions to the problems.

Pieter Groenewald

If the tour had not gone ahead, the result would be that investors and producers would become more and more risk-averse. This is a freedom- of-speech issue.

Richard Thomas

You've got guys in charge of shows who probably went to school for chemistry, and now they're executive producers.

Bernie Mac

That will enhance the pricing power of remaining producers.

John Lonski

For the low-cost producers, they are very profitable now, at (steel) prices that are probably not going to fall.

Tim Rocks