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These failure rates on probation, parole and Community Corrections are having just as much effect on driving prison growth as anything passed by the Legislature has.

Christie Donner

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I was quite surprised at the harshness of the probation department's recommendation. Judge Davila going over and above that shocks me even more.

Charles Kramer

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The father, the mother and son have all been arrested for this before. The son is currently on probation. The father is in the (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) and the mother served time in a state jail facility.

John Brewer

Being able to put law in place to keep better taps on them as far as their probation for one, two or three years, definitely a good tool.

Javier Sambrano

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I can remember back in the 70s all you had to do, basically, was go to class and not be failing. Long as you were not on probation by your university, you were eligible.

Richard Giannini

Probation had never worked for her.

Thomas Sullivan

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I am getting behind on probation fees and child support bills. It's stressful. If I would have known then what I know now … .

Shawanna Reid

They're on probation. They're on their best behavior.

Bob Pidgeon

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He accepted responsibility and we followed the Probation Department's recommendation for sentencing.

Kevin Duffy

In them days, it was just still not illegal to kill an Indian. If you killed an Indian, you'd be very unfortunate if you got probation - most of them were released immediately.

Leonard Peltier

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What the state government said, unless it falls into some other category, if someone breaks into a neighbor's barn and steals a $4,000 ATV, he's going to go to county jail unless he has a prior felony or is on probation when it happened, ... If someone, however, breaks into 18 churches, this may be considered a pattern, this is not just, 'oops, I made a mistake.'

Richard Walton

Getting jobs was the first thing on our minds; everything was crazy. His probation officer was on his mind, just not on the front.

Lisa Arroyo

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My probation officer released me early ... because I complied with everything that he asked me to do.

Karyn Hopkins

Afraid that he would be violated on his probation if he refused, McCowen reluctantly agreed.

Robert George

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The funny thing is, both of my children go to St. Mary's school and do I worry about the individuals in my houses? Not one bit. I find that the people living in my homes they keep to themselves, probation visits them regularly.

Troy Medeiros

The terms of his probation required that he obey all laws. The ticket indicates he didn't fulfill that obligation.

Stephen Holmes

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The hospital has been very cooperative. Once we receive their plan of correction and approve it, the probation would be lifted.

Laura Wentz

Corporations typically use escalating forms of discipline. If the offense is extreme, the company might choose to immediately place the individual on probation or terminate their employment.

Merrick Rosenberg

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They lack coping skills. They may have emotional baggage, be on probation, or have attendance issues.

Bill Lutz

One difference is he resigns completely from Unity House, any connection, as a director or consultant. The second is the probation period is lessened.

William Mccorriston

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