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The movie picks up at my experiences at the second, third and fourth schools. This is where I had principals tell me [ballroom dancing] was too elitist and ask where will these kids ever use it. They didn't see what I saw.

Pierre Dulaine

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We felt the principal was making the right decision, and the court ruling seems to support the principal's action.

Nat Harrington

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It's obviously a challenge for principals and parents and school staff. Challenges have been overcome, and parents are getting that this is a good thing.

Dan Weisberg

Principals and other administrators tend to have a good idea about people who could benefit the process. We're fortunate to live in a community where there is no shortage of people willing to help.

Richard Sundblad

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The principals are in full support of this.

Cecilia Johnson

We pay the principals to make this decision. If he makes a bad decision, it's on him.

John Paul

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It takes a lot of courage to find your talents. Your teachers, your principals, they believe in you, but they can?t believe in you for you.

Mark Ambrose

We are also working closely with the (city) police, and we notified the school principals about Monday's incident.

Armando Nava Jr

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The ball is in the court of the two principals. There is basically four options they can take a look at.

Mike Hayden

That's outside of the principals I explain in my direct testimony.

Carl Shapiro

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She was one of the best principals I've ever had.

Robert Burns

Patriotism must be founded on great principals and supported by great virtue.

Henry Bolingbroke

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Between that committee and the principals, they will form an interview committee and go from there.

Ken Flaten

We worked with Dianne for years before we knew of her association with the bombing. We were all elementary school principals together in Prince George's County in Maryland.

Diana Davis

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Some of the principals in the corporation are the same people. We took the position that it was the same company.

Rita Leckie

Both principals, when I spoke to them said at no time did they feel any of their students or staff were in danger.

Becky Mcilraith

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One of the assistant principals saw the student stumble into the alarm.

Barbara Campbell

Each day the students were served a free breakfast that I paid for out of the principal's fund. We also told them to get a good nights sleep each night.

Jim Oyster

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They made my point for me, ... The decisions were not made in the principals' process, in the deputies' process, in the policy coordinating committee process. They were not made in the statutory process.

Larry Wilkerson

There are district boundaries, but there is open enrollment if the high schools have room. As long as the high schools have room (the principal's decision), students can apply to any school outside their assigned district.

Mark Fisher

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