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The movie picks up at my experiences at the second, third and fourth schools. This is where I had principals tell me [ballroom dancing] was too elitist and ask where will these kids ever use it. They didn't see what I saw.

Pierre Dulaine

They agreed the two games this year would not take place. The Principals' Council decided this and we support that decision. Anything we do as a group ultimately goes through them.

Don Buckley

The conversations covered issues of support to the Palestinian people. The Quartet principals took note of the Israeli cabinet statement of yesterday and particularly its intention to discuss with donors the continuation of humanitarian support.

Noel Clay

It's obviously a challenge for principals and parents and school staff. Challenges have been overcome, and parents are getting that this is a good thing.

Dan Weisberg

When I talked to the vice-principals, they said hitting was against the law, but then there were parents who want you to do it.

Sir Matthew Pinsent

The principals are in full support of this.

Cecilia Johnson

We give principals the right and responsibility to provide an environment that they feel is safe and conducive to learning. Our primary mission is education.

Judi Willis

It takes a lot of courage to find your talents. Your teachers, your principals, they believe in you, but they can?t believe in you for you.

Mark Ambrose

Unfortunately, the number of recruits now assigned as principals is not impressive.

Betsy Gotbaum

The ball is in the court of the two principals. There is basically four options they can take a look at.

Mike Hayden

Between the assistant principals, Dr. Robison and Dr. Dearing, we have a very experienced administration.

Ron Hirst

She was one of the best principals I've ever had.

Robert Burns

It's meant to be low-level team competition and to motivate teachers and staff to participate in healthy behaviors. Principals in particular have given us really positive feedback; they said it helps the camaraderie of the faculty.

Matt Mahar

Between that committee and the principals, they will form an interview committee and go from there.

Ken Flaten

Some of the principals in the corporation are the same people. We took the position that it was the same company.

Rita Leckie

I tried to get as many administrators and principals as possible and sent out 20 to 25 e-mails. The next day I had at least 10 responses and everyone was so positive.

Kari Lyles

They're taking our money and giving it to the principals.

Janna Garrison

One of the assistant principals saw the student stumble into the alarm.

Barbara Campbell

They made my point for me, ... The decisions were not made in the principals' process, in the deputies' process, in the policy coordinating committee process. They were not made in the statutory process.

Larry Wilkerson

The people that were in the building were the principal's relatives and she was playing a practical joke on them. They had come to tour the school and it was a practical joke.

Annette Singletary