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I am mindful not only of preserving executive powers for myself, but for predecessors as well.

George W. Bush

Look back a few years ago when Cameron Diaz started lobbying for the environment. When she became public about her commitment to preserving the environment, other celebrities soon followed.

Susan Mccoy

I don't see him as a victim; I think he's going to be happier not having to baby-sit a lot of egos. The music industry is firmly entrenched in its habits, and it's a very parochial, self- preserving industry.

Wayne Rosso

We know that the people choosing to buy at BEACHWALK not only appreciate our exceptional location, clubhouse and amenities, they also care about preserving the environmental integrity of the community. By contributing to Tampa Bay Watch we're playing a part in protecting and preserving the fragile nature of the environment that surrounds us.

Adam Schlesinger

While preserving covert weapons of mass destruction.

John Weston

We were very pleased to see that Chairman Barton recognized the need for preserving the model of an open broadband network by codifying the duty of broadband providers to allow subscribers to have access to the services, equipment and applications they need without interference from network providers.

Gigi Sohn

It's preserving the stories. It wasn't meant to be a history as dry facts and figures. It was meant to be the human side of the story.

Luana Brandt

It's about opening the music gateway and preserving my culture through music.

Carlos Washington

It has been proven that preserving these properties increases their value.

Ben Burroughs

To me, this is about preserving history and making it available to everyone.

Sergey Brin

It?s important to consider the future of the city and preserving the level of services the city is able to provide.

Kris Reyes

The interest in land preservation has gotten much wider and deeper. People understand the connection between preserving land and maintaining the natural beauty that drew them here in the first place.

Paul Gallay

Preserving Chinatown -- keeping it a community where people will live and not just a tourist attraction -- is very important spiritually.

Gordon Chin

It goes beyond connecting families. It's about preserving our culture, something corporate radio won't address.

Hugo Morales

We wanted to maintain the integrity of the older home, preserving the charm and feel.

Tony Johnson

Preserving honor and dignity for me remains the chief value, more than any job.

Petro Poroshenko

I believe my company has contributed to Japan's natural environment by preserving forests for more than 300 years since the [company's] founders started the forestry business.

Ryu Yano

In Floral City we're looking at preserving their heritage and their sense of place.

Chuck Dixon

It's hard to exaggerate the importance of preserving the financial integrity of Social Security.

Bill Delahunt

We are excited about the beneficial use of our landfill gas. With Granger, we have been able to take a wasted resource and put it to good use while preserving the environment and helping make our local industry more competitive.

Bob Watts