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The enthusiasm and preparedness of our presenters sealed the deal.

Steve Marshall

Our campaign continues on family and personal preparedness. Be prepared to sustain yourself for five to seven days.

Gary Brown

It was probably the best disaster preparedness effort (Marin County's) ever seen. We're all better prepared for the next earthquake because of it.

Jennifer Rienks

They help us with emergency preparedness and help us plan how to respond and know what we have to do to respond.

Tom Sherman

When I asked for that prepayment, I asked for that to assist our members with back to school expenses and hurricane preparedness. We asked the Government to consider it being paid at the end of August before school had re-opened.

John Pinder

They wanted to get it out to all the appropriate agencies and individuals having to do with disaster preparedness.

Lawrence Andreas

We're now considerably better prepared to deal with code-red situations, in which an armed assailant is on campus. Before then, we mainly emphasized earthquake preparedness. We've been conducting fewer drills for earthquakes lately, but we're making more preparations for them this year.

Steve Bolman

We need a real citizen preparedness plan ? one that takes care of children, the elderly and the disabled, ... Mothers and grandmothers should not drown in nursing homes because help never arrived.

Bennie Thompson

You clearly did your duty as law enforcement, but the question comes to bear about the interface between emergency preparedness and our first responders locally. We want to make sure there is intercommunication between agencies.

Sen. Donald Defronzo

This initiative will ensure that all town residents with disabilities will be included in our emergency preparedness plan.

Barbara Carpenter

The critical point is not our preparedness -- the critical point is the cooperation of the Government of Pakistan at the borders.

Ruud Lubbers

There are many professional organizations for police and fire. This is a professional organization that hosts a conference for emergency managers to discuss preparedness at all levels.

Andrew Velazquez

Many hospital emergency departments in this country are operating at, or over current capacity. We as a nation, have poured millions of dollars into preparedness, but virtually none of that has gone to the one place that is the true first response to something like a flu epidemic, or a hurricane, or a terrorist attack -- the nation's emergency departments.

Dr. Frederick Blum

It is unacceptable that out of the most developed countries, Britain was one of the last to order anti-viral agents and publish an emergency preparedness plan.

Andrew Lansley

This program allows lenders to build a risk preparedness model to respond to future disasters. In addition, the graphical representation allows managers to quickly assess and communicate the risk to their business in the event of a disaster.

Scott Shaw

Our emergency preparedness is always an ongoing priority. We're constantly working on it at the Clinic and drills like these help us work even closer with the emergency agencies to build a closer, more effective relationship.

Mary Austin

This bill fits very nicely into the theme that the governor has been pounding, and it comes down to one simple message about preparedness. It's up to you.

Bill Herrle

BYU is probably one of the most progressive forces in Utah County for earthquake preparedness. I'm not concerned as much about the buildings on BYU campus as I am about the buildings most of the BYU students live in.

Aaron Harris

Their preparedness to become citizens, in keeping with the language requirement as well.

Tony Mcnulty

The latter implies emergency preparedness planning, legal and administrative frameworks, awareness campaigns and education, and the development of the operational capabilities to act in an emergency.

Patricio Bernal