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In fact, when you burn coal, you emit more acid rain pollution, more air pollution, more smog and more global warming pollution which threatens the entire planet.

Dan Becker

Storm water is a source of pollution, because there are pollutants in our environment that the storm water picks up.

Larry Altose

Ocean noise is an insidious form of pollution. The tremendous damage it is doing to life in the sea is becoming more evident with each passing year.

Michael Jasny

It would be a huge reduction in global warming pollution. We're talking huge savings.

Matthew Davis

[Cleaner air] has been a pretty clear directive from our elected leaders and our customers. We know that our car-crazed culture contributes to [air pollution] in a big way.

Jason Alderman

The good news is that China, India and Indonesia don't much like pollution either... but they've got to deal with the politics of energy development and pricing.

William Ramsay

Unfortunately, this may be one of the last years when the public gets a complete picture of toxic pollution.

Meghan Purvis

One of our concerns is the pollution that's accumulating in whales.

Brent Plater

It basically describes everything that KBDJ has agreed to do on its land in order to keep the water and any pollution from seeping into the aquifer.

Kirstin Voinis

[There] is an increasing sense of what can be called "legal pollution."

Thomas Ehrlich

This is a fundamental change in policy and it fundamentally violated the Clean Air Act. Anything less than (IGCC) is going to lead to higher levels of air pollution.

Anne Hedges

We are also setting high targets to eliminate pollution concerns and engines' impact on the environment.

Antoine Herteman

We dispatched the Lyondell Air Monitoring Team and Harris County Pollution Control (HCPC) was almost immediately on the scene.

Aaron Woods

The issues involved in controlling dangerous mercury pollution are complex. False and misleading information can have no place in the debate.

Kathleen Mcginty

The impact of pollution on these clouds is sufficiently strong to completely shut off precipitation from them.

Daniel Rosenfeld

Diesel exhaust is very dirty, and it's a huge contributor to air pollution in many communities. This will make significant changes in the air quality in a lot of our urban areas.

Janice Nolen

Saving Sailors a lot of money, helping with traffic mitigation and cutting down on environmental pollution are the biggest benefits of the program.

Tom Wall

The report doesn't give a realistic picture of the state of air pollution in the country. It is mainly about fomenting fear, because fear is what keeps the donations flowing.

Joel Schwartz

We should be doing much more to try to reduce this dangerous pollution.

Frank O'donnell

But really what we're looking at is the source of the pollution and that is coal-fired power plants.

Shannon Harps