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This kicks the issue to the next conference of CITES parties, when we'll hopefully have more info on poaching and the status of elephant populations.

Karen Steuer

It is all too easy to sign up to conventions, ... Now these governments need to send a clear message that poaching will not be tolerated.

John Sellar

That is great, it's something the community has been trying to get for a long time. It will definitely help stop the Indonesian poaching.

Andrew Carter

[What he said to his audience about poaching on Tuesday was this:] Let me call that athletic looting, to be provocative, ... and we won't stand for that.

Myles Brand

The agreement will help Central African countries cooperate across borders in protected areas management, to tackle poaching and the illicit bushmeat trade, as well as illegal logging.

Claude Martin

This is not poaching.

Antonio Carluccio