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After the officers extinguished the fire, they detected a strong odor of gasoline and located a melted plastic bottle at the base of the burned wall, and apparent accelerants in the bottle continued to burn.

David Bauer

There are 101 uses for duct tape and multiple uses for plastic sheeting.

Larry Rockwell

Tonight they're good, tomorrow they're just plastic beads. What's scary is what the women do for these plastic beads.

Jane Thompson

Money can't buy you happiness but it can pay for the plastic surgery.

Joan Rivers

What she did was an act of love. She could have given birth and put the child in a plastic bag, and she chose not to do that.

Michelle Hostetler

It was quite a disaster. Luckily people were in the building and they were able to cover computers and copy machines with plastic covering to try to minimize damage as best they could.

Peter Kennedy

Maybe I'll get a big long plank of wood and use plastic bags to cover it with and use it as a dam in front of my garage door. Hopefully that will work.

Bob Brooks

Replacing the plastic pipe with a copper line will allow the daycare center to re-open, and will eliminate the pathway for gas to enter the water supply.

Matt Rhodes

That's the reason we're taking a lot of very heavy black plastic bags. That's not something I'm looking forward to.

Karen Cooper

That's one of the most important fossils on the planet - yet it's here in a plastic box in little old Albuquerque.

Adrian Hunt

There is no question that plants have [all] kinds of sensitivities. But just because they sit there, anybody walking down the road considers them just a plastic area to look at, [as if] they're not really alive.

Barbara Mcclintock

I found the scrubs still in the plastic when I was cleaning out a relative's home. I thought that someone at the hospital could use it.

Angela Lewis

It's virtually all steel and plastic and aluminum and glass. It could be dismantled and reassembled somewhere else.

Tom Holst

Immediately walks to the teller counter. If no one is in the bank, at that point he'll display a white plastic bag for the clerk to put the money in .

Brian Stanfield

This is the type of groundbreaking plastic that we completely stand behind, and our fellow companies should as well. It should be the norm among bottled water manufacturers, and not the exception.

David Zutler

That piece of plastic has interrupted the best-laid college plans for many a student.

Robert Tull

I can't think of anything that's a plastic derivative that hasn't gone up a minimum of 20 percent.

Jim Franklin

I put out collection boxes, plastic canisters. I did some research on the Chester County SPCA and typed up some information to put on the canisters.

Bessa Houseknecht

The hard-core health food stores wouldn't go for this because of the plastic.

Rod Moyer

You'll be able to put all fiber (paper products) into one area, and all containers (glass, plastic, etc.) into another.

Jennifer Weiss