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Our Kalimantan operations are progressing smoothly and looking into the future, we plan to increase our plantation area by approximately 9,000 hectares per year until 2007 and a further 5,000 hectares per year thereafter.

Ahamad Mohamad

It has become a very hostile working environment. It's like working on a plantation. It's hard to greet passengers with a smile when you have employers constantly harassing employees.

Jay Wyatt

They got their composure back. I have to salute them on that. But South Plantation, you can't take anything away from them. [Paladins' coach] Kenny Brown is doing an excellent job with them.

Melvin Randall

What the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe, plantation owners and law enforcement [officers] were doing to the African-Americans.

Morris Dees

We're fortunate that Five Star has opened their beautiful plantation to us so that we can offer the community a very special event. It'll be fun because it's a sportsman enthusiast's dream.

Susan Foy

The Southern pattern was that every farm or plantation would have their family cemetery.

Charles Reagan Wilson

I want to show people plantation homes but they don't want to see it. They want to see the disaster.

Isabelle Cossart

Wexford Plantation is excited to bring college golf back to Hilton Head Island. The membership and staff have embraced the opportunity to have some of the best college golfers come to Wexford and compete.

Bob Fulton