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Our Kalimantan operations are progressing smoothly and looking into the future, we plan to increase our plantation area by approximately 9,000 hectares per year until 2007 and a further 5,000 hectares per year thereafter.

Ahamad Mohamad

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New Zealand has always had a relatively dynamic landscape, so changes in land use are not unusual. However, historically little plantation forest land has been converted to pasture.

Paul Lane

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What the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe, plantation owners and law enforcement [officers] were doing to the African-Americans.

Morris Dees

I have only to speak for myself; to speak for freedom for myself; to determine for freedom for myself; and in doing so, I speak and determine for the freedom of every slave on every plantation, and for the fugitives on my right hand.

Charles Lenox Remond

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The Southern pattern was that every farm or plantation would have their family cemetery.

Charles Reagan Wilson

Malaysian plantation companies are constrained and finding it difficult to expand. They are increasingly looking for investment opportunities in Indonesia.

Sami Khan

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Wexford Plantation is excited to bring college golf back to Hilton Head Island. The membership and staff have embraced the opportunity to have some of the best college golfers come to Wexford and compete.

Bob Fulton

We've just evolved into a system that's more equitable and allows a more detailed accounting of access into the plantation.

George Breed

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