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We can't solve all of society's ills. They're outside of our purview. But at least you can get a pizza delivered there now.

David Barker

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I didn't like it, I'm still trying to figure out if I'm the one that ate the salad or the pizza.

Heather Cox

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Pizza Hut always goes big for the big game with a new product launch.

Tom James

The economy has improved substantially. People once again have a little disposable income and have the ability to dine out a little bit more often. Really, it's the fact that the quality has improved in the last few years in the pizza industry.

Jeremy White

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Let your kids select the vegetables they want as pizza toppings.

Jennifer Ebelhar

Pizza Hut is an international brand that is part of India's local fabric and our customers? lives. We're honored to be named the most trusted quick-service restaurant company in India.

Sandeep Kohli

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You can't just grab a sandwich or a sub or a piece of pizza.

Katie Barrett

Hating the (New York) Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers, and cheating on your income tax.

Mike Royko

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A lot of people say, I am so hooked on that pizza, that's all I want. I never was into it.

Mary Parks

When we're going good we tend to keep going back to the same place (in this case California Pizza Kitchen) every Friday.

Mike Trapasso

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The Muppets bring a wink and a smile to it. It's pizza after all - it's not something that serious. It's about fun and enjoyment.

Tom James

The ruling is grotesque and political. What will be next? Will the Italians demand that pizza become a protected product that no one can make?

Hans Bender

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We actually had a shoot at a pizza parlor the other day. They had me in the kitchen making pizza.

Pete Fenson

They want you to come eat a pizza.

Harold Russell

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Whenever we have a tournament champion we go for pizza at Nanuet Restaurant.

Shawn Logue

We don't limit ourselves by normal convention. We were waiting for the next big pizza chain to deliver an artichoke heart pizza in 20 or 25 minutes, and it wasn't coming. Finally, we thought maybe we should do it.

Dwayne Northrop

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I want to look better, I'm guessing I'm going to have to eat better and not order pizza too much.

Christina Johnson

We have tried other crusts and they were horrible. Our pizza is different. The crust is flakier.

Patty Sorrels

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I've had Chicago pizza, Domino's pizza and pizza made at home. I never had New York pizza, but it is the best.

Pat Pope

It's not just for pasta. You can use it on chicken or fish, or on homemade pizza.

Beverly Price

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