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We can't solve all of society's ills. They're outside of our purview. But at least you can get a pizza delivered there now.

David Barker

The perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4:00 a.m.

Charles Pierce

We actually sell more frozen pizza this time of year than any other time of the year.

Dianne Blancato

Pizza Hut always goes big for the big game with a new product launch.

Tom James

Members expressed a lack of understanding about the project. They wanted to make sure we're not just giving money to a pizza joint.

Bill Teets

Let your kids select the vegetables they want as pizza toppings.

Jennifer Ebelhar

But mainly what you're so excited to win is the fact that you were crowned 'Pizza of the Year' out of almost 300 pizza shops that entered.

Jodie Aufdencamp

You can't just grab a sandwich or a sub or a piece of pizza.

Katie Barrett

You'll be eating New York pizza tonight.

Frank Armstrong

A lot of people say, I am so hooked on that pizza, that's all I want. I never was into it.

Mary Parks

Even the Thickest pizza on earth will be delivered cold.

Kehlog Albran

The Muppets bring a wink and a smile to it. It's pizza after all - it's not something that serious. It's about fun and enjoyment.

Tom James

The pizza is really good. They get it from a local place. It comes in a sack.

Andy Pfeifer

We actually had a shoot at a pizza parlor the other day. They had me in the kitchen making pizza.

Pete Fenson

If they completely close down College Pizza, I'm screwed. There aren't a lot of jobs now for people who aren't college-educated.

Jessica Cunningham

Whenever we have a tournament champion we go for pizza at Nanuet Restaurant.

Shawn Logue

Is the business that they're trying to get into related to what they have done in the past? Are they going from being a banker to running a pizza place?

John Hanlon

I want to look better, I'm guessing I'm going to have to eat better and not order pizza too much.

Christina Johnson

They patted me down. They took my wallet. They took my money I had in my pocket and they took the pizza. They didn't hurt me or anything but they jumped in the car and took off.

Danny Johnson

I've had Chicago pizza, Domino's pizza and pizza made at home. I never had New York pizza, but it is the best.

Pat Pope