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You don't save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain.

Leo Durocher

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He brings a whole different level of intensity to the game. And he expects that from his catcher. He's a power pitcher and he's as good as he is for a reason, because of that intensity.

Kelly Stinnett

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I think he's going to be a good pitcher. He seems to be a pretty focused and dedicated player.

Skeeter Barnes

Everyone is their own man. It's kind of easier that I'm not a pitcher, but they still expect a lot out of you. You've really got to play your own game. You can't try to live up someone else, you've got to live up to your own hype.

Koby Clemens

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I'm not a very lucky pitcher. I thought I threw the ball well today and came out with a loss.

Jamey Wright

A younger pitcher might have been more worried, but Emily was just fine.

Sherri Paez

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(Teams) all prepare better for better pitching now. Your pitcher has to be able to do other things now. You just can't throw it by people.

Joel Rogers

I thanked him for sending a top-notch major league pitcher to face us in my managerial debut. He got a chuckle out of that.

Jeff Blauser

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We've got a good offense, our kids can hit the ball. I really think they'll hit most any pitcher around, because they're seasoned enough to be able to hit. We do work hard on our offense, but we've got a lot to work on defensively. This is not indicative of what this defense has been.

Don Howard

It makes this first game that much more difficult. You know you are going to face the best pitcher, and you have to throw your best. It doesn't matter who you play, usually.

Bart Britton

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You can't give a good team easy runs. You need to make them earn it. My pitcher (Matt Lujan) didn't have his good stuff, and we didn't play good defense.

Pete Pijl

Hopefully, everybody's focus is more on the game, or the pitcher that we are facing, or the hitters that we are facing.

Preston Wilson

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When you've got guys like Andruw (Jones), Chipper (Jones), Julio (Franco) and Marcus (Giles) in front of you, you have some RBI chances. A pitcher doesn't want to pitch to those guys. He'd rather pitch to a rookie any day.

Jeff Francoeur

Cat is definitely a great pitcher. I think in the Big 12 there's a lot of great teams. (Texas) is not even favored to win the Big 12 Conference.

Stacy Gemeinhardt

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Oh, most definitely. We lost some good seniors. We lost our lead-off hitter, number one pitcher, and number two batter. So we're looking to replace some good people, but that's what recruiting is all about, and that's what coaching is all about.

Robert Skinner

We knew this game would come down to whoever blinked first. I think Nicole held her own, but we're going against probably the best pitcher in the state.

Jim Ware

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He had all of his pitches. He located them well and got ahead of the batters. He did all the things you need your pitcher to do to get a game like that.

Ricky Crawford

I'm interested to see if he's a pitcher only or a hitter only with the scouts.

Steve Johnston

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The girls had a decent day hitting the ball, but they hammered it in the third inning. (St. Mary's) changed their pitcher and everything turned around from there.

Tami Hackett

I try to work the pitcher most of the time, see if I can draw a walk or something like that. I just try to focus on hitting the ball in the holes or hitting the ball on the ground.

Drew Stamerjohn

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