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That's going to take awhile, I know. City engineers as well as the [Army] Corps of Engineers are working right now to dredge out an area around Pier 6 so we can bring in barges and help facilitate the removal of the debris. But it's going to take months.

Joe Allbaugh

Education is very important to me. The lake can be the most beautiful thing, but it can be the most dangerous thing. I have two young boys and I don't want to see them get washed off the pier.

Todd Johnson

We have a lot of company, and (a pier) would provide much easier access for guests of all ages, because not everyone can maneuver out an inflatable dinghy when the water is less than calm.

Craig Miller

We're looking for people who are familiar with the history of the pier and the process of serving on the committee. It will be the same set up as before, with nine members and it will serve in an advisory role.

Terry Lane

I had a friend that lived here on Waccamaw Drive not too far from the pier, but I couldn't find her house, ... We finally found it a couple of blocks west.

Jean Williams

We're going to meet another mom from Pier for lunch on Monday, and on Wednesday we're going to meet my cousin and her five kids for lunch and maybe go to the park.

Christina Lopez

In the initial planning, I was the main representative in the forming of learning centers and principles that could be incorporated into the Pier Wisconsin center.

Robert Pavlik

I wouldn't say that there is a definite shift in how people are furnishing their homes and that's why Pier 1 is lagging. Pier 1 has made missteps in merchandising, in its store layout and advertising. It really could take a management shakeup to fix things now for Pier 1.

Anthony Chukumba

The logical time to put the pier in would be in September when they draw the water down.

Roy Hamilton

I'm certainly not opposed to a fishing pier but not at that particular site. There isn't good access or enough security. We need to look out for the people who live in the area.

Anthony Miccolis

I saw a few waves come up just before our heat right near the pier. So I figured if I'm going to lose, I'm going to sit right there. Then I figured either go big, or go home.

Jake Kirschenbaum

We anticipate it growing. That's the whole reason for building the new terminal. These are jobs that did not exist when the pier was not active.

Janel Patterson

That bridge is going to probably be the best fishing in Beaufort County from a pier as opposed to a boat. There's some deep holes right around where that bridge is.

Eddie Bellamy