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Arroyo has been good for the economy. There's a bit of, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,' in the Philippines.

Adam Le Mesurier

In the Philippines, Coke is having problems. Coca-Cola is charging a 21 percent premium and the low priced cola, which I don't have to name, is charging very much lower, so that is the problem.

Ramon Ang

China desperately needs basic commodities, and Thailand has few products of interest. In the longer run, resource-rich countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma will benefit. Even the Philippines may benefit more than Thailand.

Professor Sompop Manarungsan

If Thailand can attract 12 to 13 million foreign tourists, I don't see any reason why the Philippines cannot.

Jesus Felipe

That's right and we didn't lose one buy. In fact we may have gained buys because now the fans in the Philippines think he can beat Erik.

Bob Arum

He was very dedicated to the people of the Philippines.

Rev. Paul Desch

It always happens with the Philippines. Things are going so well, and then they take a gun out and shoot themselves.

Lloyd Ong

The security situation has significantly leveled off and the AFP (the Armed Forces of the Philippines) leadership now believes that they could downgrade the alert level from red to blue.

Tristan Kison

I trust that Taiwan is an ideal (FTA) partner for the Philippines. Taiwan is one of the top trading countries in the world, and the Philippines has a comparative advantage (when it comes to) labor- and capital-intensive industries.

David Hong

We've been looking at the Philippines and we had no feeling of risk, ... No indication there would be any problem.

Scott Ross

A key advantage of Ayala Land is that its diversified portfolio of businesses allows it to participate in each of the key macroeconomic drivers of the Philippines.

Gilbert Lopez

The FBI is now asking for our help to find out who received those documents here in the Philippines and who provided the money for the transaction.

Reynaldo Wycoco

While the e-VAT and the impeachment issue have both been resolved favorably in recent days, we are maintaining our negative outlook on the Philippines' ratings.

James Mccormack

The Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army do not see any basis to declare a cease-fire in the coming Christmas and New Year.

Gregorio Rosal

Last Friday's market reaction was very mild. On Monday, the market is expected to recover. Investors we have been talking to from China, Taiwan, Japan and Europe, they are now very interested in investing in the Philippines.

Romulo Neri

We know that there are suicide bombers now in the Philippines.

Norberto Gonzales

This is a signal to the international community that the Philippines now has a strong and firm leadership that adheres to the rule of law.

Alberto Romulo

Is the Philippines a real democracy or just an elitist group going through the motions of democracy?

Robert Broadfoot

As we are poised for the expanded VAT implementation with strong safety nets, global confidence in the Philippines is resurgent.

Gloria Arroyo

Foreign institutional investors are, I think, cautious to neutral on equities, including those in the Philippines.

Jose Vistan