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Arroyo has been good for the economy. There's a bit of, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,' in the Philippines.

Adam Le Mesurier

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We expect that this new investment by Ford will take the Philippine automotive industry to its next level of development by establishing its leadership in the Flexible Fuel technology in the region. Flexible Fuel technology is part of Ford's global vision on innovation, and with this investment Ford intends to build the Philippines as its ASEAN Center of Excellence in Flexible Fuel Technology.

Peter Daniel

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If Thailand can attract 12 to 13 million foreign tourists, I don't see any reason why the Philippines cannot.

Jesus Felipe

There are items here from all over the world. We've gotten donations of souvenirs from Thailand, Japan and the Philippines, to name a few. Everyone was very generous this year.

Chris Mallula

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He was very dedicated to the people of the Philippines.

Rev. Paul Desch

We foresee limited political risks over the next six to nine months and remain bullish on the Philippines.

Sailesh Jha

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The security situation has significantly leveled off and the AFP (the Armed Forces of the Philippines) leadership now believes that they could downgrade the alert level from red to blue.

Tristan Kison

The Philippines will only be dragged into the issue the moment warrants there are issued and they would ask for the extradition of the three officials.

Raul Gonzalez

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We've been looking at the Philippines and we had no feeling of risk, ... No indication there would be any problem.

Scott Ross

It's not an ego thing. It just seems like an interesting thing to do. I'd like to go down to the Philippines and say, 'Hey, it's me, Joey Santiago from The Pixies. Give me a script, I want to be in a movie.

Joey Santiago

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A key advantage of Ayala Land is that its diversified portfolio of businesses allows it to participate in each of the key macroeconomic drivers of the Philippines.

Gilbert Lopez

The Philippines is not a basket case. But it's performing way below its potential.

Tom Crouch

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Aquino is not a foreign agent or a representative of the Philippines. He's not aware that [what he's passed on] are classified information and if at all, these did not affect the security of the US.

Panfilo Lacson

The Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army do not see any basis to declare a cease-fire in the coming Christmas and New Year.

Gregorio Rosal

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We know that there are suicide bombers now in the Philippines.

Norberto Gonzales

Yes, we knew that sooner or later, with the build up in the Philippines, in Indonesia and after the KKM arrests in Malaysia that they were bound to penetrate us.

Lee Kuan Yew

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Is the Philippines a real democracy or just an elitist group going through the motions of democracy?

Robert Broadfoot

The Philippines is an important strategic partner to Australia in the fight against terrorism.

Robert Hill

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Foreign institutional investors are, I think, cautious to neutral on equities, including those in the Philippines.

Jose Vistan

Since last year, when I went around the Philippines, I saw what the people need and I saw the clamor, and I cannot turn my back.

Fernando Poe, Jr.

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