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Store management will before the patient leaves the store make arrangements to have that prescription filled at another nearby pharmacy. That way the customer knows where the prescription will be filled before they leave the store.

Michael Polzin

Police were dispatched to the parking lot of the Gateway Pharmacy for the report of possibly intoxicated female in the lot annoying customers.

Officer Jose Sousa

But it can't take place in a doctor's waiting rooms, exam rooms or at a pharmacy counter.

Hilary Dalin

The new Health Sciences Building will provide a central facility for all pharmacy instruction and research.

Robert Simmons

I'm a diabetic, and I needed my insulin. The first day we were here, I went to the Wal-Mart pharmacy to give them my information just to get the process started, but they gave me all my medicine right then. I couldn't believe it.

Tony Orlando

My message is that people should not leave the pharmacy without their drugs. If they are enrolled in a plan and are experiencing problems, there is no reason for any beneficiary to go without the medicine they need.

Nancy O'connor

It's not illegal. But in my mind, this is completely unethical. It's breaking all the laws of pharmacy and medicine.

Andy Troszok

To the degree the mail-service pharmacy option can be more aggressively promoted and accepted, the better off seniors will be and better off the Medicare program will be.

Mark Merritt

In order to provide educational information to patients someone has to pay for it. And there definitely is a business relationship between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and the pharmacy.

Craig Fuller

There seems to be some controversy about the machines. There is concern from the pharmacy profession that you're losing that contact with the patients when they're receiving pharmaceuticals from the machine.

Patricia Harris

I learned a lot of traditional ways and even visited a pharmacy which dispensed herbal medications.

Voncea Brusha

What we are is a pharmacy clerk. We are absolutely not a pharmacist.

Linda Pinney

Because of this, and the fact that this is an FDA-approved product, we feel it is difficult to justify being the country's only major pharmacy chain not selling it.

Ron Chomiuk

When they traveled, it was like a 7-Eleven. That land was a hardware store, a pharmacy. It was a supermarket. It blows me away that people find this remarkable.

Dennis Martinez

I will not support this application because I feel that it brings up a public safety issue. The pharmacy is located in an extremely congested parking lot and adding a drive thru will not make it any more pedestrian friendly.

Mark Sinatro

Never again will Medicare beneficiaries have to go to the pharmacy counter without financial assistance to pay for the medicines they need.

Mary Grealy

Our opportunity here is to provide our patients with all of their medications as a full-service pharmacy.

Stephen Farrell

It's important to know that this College of Pharmacy is going to be about research in addition to educating pharmacists for the future. Those go hand in hand. Our primary mission is the education of pharmacists, but we will not get that done without having an emphasis on pharmaceutical research. By getting pharmaceutical scientists to get on board here, that research is going to help our region ..

Larry Calhoun

We did experience a surge in enrollment. You've got to realize that there are millions of people that have been getting their drugs. In some cases, beneficiaries who enrolled in very late December could be experiencing minor delays if they go to the pharmacy this week.

Peter Ashkenaz

They could call nearby areas like the local pharmacy, but not to areas like Westchester or New York City.

John Bonomo