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26 quotes about pharmacists follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

We're experiencing more calls and more questions, both from the public and the pharmacists, and we're working with each one of them one by one and resolving each one of those questions the best we can.

Peter Demestihas

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I remember hearing on NPR from pharmacists who had their lives turned upside down.

Bruce Braley

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Having Medicare drug coverage underscores the need for seniors to talk to doctors and pharmacists about switching to cost-effective drugs.

Gail Shearer

One of the arguments is that we don't have to create a right of conscience. It's already in law. What we have to say is that pharmacists are already healthcare professionals. I think that (the argument) would resonate with many members.

Ralph Rivera

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The effects are immediate. This will help patients now. We are educating physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians — the entire healthcare team. We're giving them the tools they need to better treat patients.

Raymond Reynolds

Pharmacists have many clients needing help and they are trying their best. Getting through this period is just the first hurdle. They we have to work on improving the inadequacies in the legislation.

Irene Stein

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We respect the pharmacists' rights to hold personal, moral, religious beliefs, but they can't allow those beliefs to get in the way of serving their customers.

Abby Ottenhoff

With the Jan. 1 early enrollment, there was this huge surge in the system. There's really been a collaborative effort between the insurers, CMS, state officials and the pharmacists to work this out.

Kellie Bernell

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We do give our pharmacists, where state law allows, the ability to step away from filling a prescription that they object to on moral grounds. However, if they do that they must refer that prescription to another pharmacist on duty.

Michael Polzin

The pharmacists should not get in the way of the patient -- doctor relationship, and the pharmacist has a duty to prescribe it, in store, without delay.

Mira Signer

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There's no question that it's the pharmacists in every community that have had to make this program work.

Chris Decker

You won't be able to buy it over-the-counter; you won't need a prescription for it; but pharmacists will be responsible for controlling it. I just don't see how it is doable.

Pat Burke

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We hope that number is not large. Most pharmacists apparently are navigating the system very well.

Roger Perez

Unfortunately, the start of the new prescription drug benefit would be described by many patients and pharmacists as a nightmare.

Tim Tucker

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Wal-Mart expects our pharmacists to comply with all aspects of company policy and the law. Those that don't are subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

Dan Fogleman

It's every independent pharmacist's worst nightmare. There isn't one component that's working. It's so extensive that it's hard to imagine it's going to get fixed.

Todd Brown

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We hear from seniors, pharmacists, everyone in the program about some major headaches involved. There are a substantial number of people who expressed dissatisfaction with the program.

Kevin Bishop