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19 quotes about pastors follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

All of the five pastors feel it was a great success and the enthusiasm of the crowd was a surprise. We didn't know what to expect but they were happy to be there together worshiping.

Rick Hufton

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It takes local pastors to say, 'we're not going to take it. Be strong.

Don Meredith

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What was happening, you had pastors who had been gearing up for all of their life to go plant a church somewhere . . . and now, all of the sudden, they're realizing there's no land out there.

Harold Christ

The people from church see us in a totally different environment. But I have to censor myself on the stage banter when I know that the pastor's in the audience.

Dave Bloom

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Each individual congregation calls its own pastor. They ordain their own pastors.

Richard Land

Our response will include church members, their neighbors and adjacent communities, ... It will be up to the state coordinator and local pastors to decide on any expansions based on available resources.

David Harding

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Black pastors and their congregants are waking up to the fact that the liberal agenda that they have been supporting all these years does not liberate but denigrates, dehumanizes, and enslaves.

Starr Parker

God's using the popularity of the band as a way of saying Casting Crowns is doing this for youth pastors.

Juan Devevo

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It is scary to most people. But I'm sure we'll be well protected. We got approval from our parents and our pastors, so I'm sure everything will be fine.

Duane Smith

The fruits of the pastor's labors have been truly appalling.

Bob Ellis

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Pastor's School brings more than a million dollars in tourist money to Northwest Indiana.

Dan Wolfe

It would not bar women from being pastors.

Richard Land

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