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You're going to see G.M.'s incentive spending going down quite a bit. It's a paradigm shift.

Brent Dewar

People wanted mapping to be more integrated in their search. This really changes the local search paradigm.

Bret Taylor

A major paradigm shift is coming as care costs will be transferred from families of the developmentally disabled to state county entities.

Paul Herrera

The Internet restructures the paradigm of learning,especially lifelong learning over a 35- to 40-year workinglifetime.

Kevin Lynch

Space Invaders proved so addictive that it not only inaugurated an entire video game paradigm, it caused a nationwide coin shortage in Japan.

Chris Green

Spike Jonze and his peers were contributing to the culture in as meaningful a way as any of the artists they were working for. The paradigm shifted to the director being the artist.

Richard Brown

The real issue here is whether or not there's going to be a paradigm shift or real channel shift (to video players).

Todd Chanko

We have begun to shift the paradigm.

Ricardo Fernandez

It's much more than a policy, it's a paradigm.

Dan Schueftan

Rather than being an interpreter, the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like the man wearing inverting lenses.

Thomas Kuhn

Now we're definitely seeing a new paradigm. It doesn't mean the lone-gun hackers are gone.

Christopher Painter

As the paradigm shifts from Windows to the Web, we will have the dominant server technology. (Microsoft) SQL Server is not Internet enabled. Oracle 8i is.

Mark Jarvis

To be an Asian, to be a minority, not to see ourselves as always me the minority, the victim, you the dominant culture. It's a shift of paradigm. Once you see things differently, you gain power. All of a sudden there is enlightenment.

Joan Chen

This is a new paradigm. The fact that we have higher productivity has allowed the U.S. economy to grow more and grow more rapidly without triggering the usual inflation pressures.

Joel Kent

I'm probably in the minority in that I almost wish it would get hugely expensive, because I think it would force a paradigm shift in the country.

Don Haddox

At Dupont, we didn't set out to have hotel-like amenities. But we wanted a different kind of hospital, one with a new paradigm. That resulted in a trip to the Disney Institute.

Mike Schatzlein

The magnitude of this transaction creates a new economic paradigm for the channel. The international markets are fertile grounds for American entrepreneurs, and we look forward to working with our partners abroad to deliver great programming to their audiences.

Doron Gorshein

She says, ''It's really about doing the science differently, doing the clinical care differently. We're talking about a paradigm shift.

A. Johnson

We need to have a paradigm shift. What we've been doing hasn't been working.

Steve Shields

We are in a new ball game - a new paradigm. You just have to go with the flow now.

Robin Bhar