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We hit the ball OK, but ran ourselves out of a couple of innings. We couldn't put much together. They (the Owls) played well defensively.

Vern Ramie

I think the shocking thing to discover is the owls are not stupid and very feral, very hard to train.

Robbie Coltrane

When we get involved is when there is evidence that it has been illegally used to illegally kill wildlife. The most common misuse around is against coyotes. The problem is that anything a coyote will eat, so will eagles, hawks and owls and it will kill them.

Bob Snow

People used to shoot hawks, owls and buzzards. They were all chicken hawks back then.

Ross Thompson

Now that we have found that the principle applies in owls as well as monkeys, we can figure out the mechanisms of how the brain manages attention.

Daniel Winkowski

Without protection of the endangered species act we would have lost hundreds of additional species including the owls and those are all related to our quality of life.

Daniel Patterson

It's not like the spotted owl, where it's loggers versus owls, ... We're all on the same side on this one.

David Bain

Basically we have a tiny little gland in the middle of our brains that controls when we sleep and when we are awake as well as many other things. And many of us are programmed, as it were, to either be night owls (want to go to sleep late) or larks, where we want to go to bed early.

Dr. Meir Kryger

There was an old man with a beard, Who said: 'It is just as I feared! Two owls and a hen, Four larks and a wren Have all built their nests in my beard.

Edward Lear

The fundamental mechanisms are probably going to be the same in all vertebrates, as even frogs and fish have gaze control. The promise here is that because we are doing this in owls, we can get at the mechanisms of how this works.

Eric Knudsen