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We are all heartened by this, ... I am overjoyed for their families.

Paul Bigley

We are overjoyed to be picked up by Sony Pictures Classics. We are confident they will do an amazing job with our movie. In the current invertebrate acquisitions climate, it's nice to meet some guys who have a spine.

Richard Glatzer

I am delighted that so many rowers are yet again amongst the recipients in the New Year's Honors List but of course personally I am overjoyed that I have been knighted.

Matthew Pinsent

We're just stunned, but we're overjoyed. It's not often that the Court of Criminal Appeals grants new trials in felony capital murder cases.

Michael Charlton

I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed. She's going to be a happy little girl.

Carrie Bowcock

I was overjoyed. We'd been working so hard all season, and we actually needed a chance. I was hoping we'd move on if we won that game somehow. I didn't really care how.

Matt Worsham

When we'd go to church, my mother would say, 'Ask the priest your questions.' And the priest was quite indulgent, ... Often he'd say, 'We haven't figured that out yet, my boy.' When I heard that, I was free, I was overjoyed -- I could create [my own] answers.

Neale Donald Walsch

You always bring a change of clothes just in case. I am totally overjoyed for these girls because very few teams love each other as much as they did, and that made them fight for each other.

Scott Sweeten

I feel very overjoyed the incident has come to an end. We are happy the vessel has docked in a commercial port now and soon they will be released.

Inayet Kudrati

Both his family and his lawyers are overjoyed that he is being released immediately and will be at home soon.

David Spears

We are all overjoyed, ... The baby is healthy and beautiful.

Gloria Trevi

He would be overjoyed. To see the outpouring of love from the fans, the former players and the Rangers organization is a blessing to me.

Gloria Oates

I never thought this would happen. I'm overjoyed with such a win. I feel like I'm in a dream.

Han Xiaopeng

He was just all smiles. He was overjoyed.

Dave Munoz