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We saw the potential in Orlando; it really seemed like it was going to take off.

Gale Petronis

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I've learned a lot of life lessons from Lee Corso. One of those lessons is that great jobs rarely become available. So you take a job and turn it into a great one. O'Leary can do that in Orlando.

Mike Tirico

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We haven't received any indication of any changes for Delta fights at this point. We don't comment on any labor negotiations, but Delta is a legacy carrier (one that has served the airport many years) in Orlando.

Carolyn Fennell

The city of Orlando says they were not notified in time that an immediate clean up would be needed after the concert.

Jessica Sanchez

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Orlando talking is a big thing and we joke with him about it. Off the court he's shy but on the court he was even more shy at the beginning of the season.

Adam Howard

We're trying to debunk the myth that Orlando is just a teen heartthrob.

Jane Green

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With 'blink,' card members in the Orlando, Daytona Beach and Melbourne areas can save time when making their everyday purchases.

Tom O'donnell

We can't put people away, and they don't go away. They play down in Orlando, and nobody lays down or rolls over. Luckily, we found a way.

Scott Mcdaniel

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If they want bigger money they can go to Orlando. They're taking away the choice from the people who want this lifestyle.

Pat James

To me, it's just like going against 'Big O' (Orlando Pace) every day, ... Now, I get to face 'Big O' in a real live game.

Anthony Hargrove

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The two major campuses where you can have growth anymore are (the University of Central Florida) in Orlando and USF in Tampa. They both have some land left to expand. We expect the growth at USF to continue as the state grows.

Steve Walsh

They also like being half way between Tampa and Orlando.

Bob Adams

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This project ... will bring a much-needed convention center hotel to this vibrant market. The Hilton Orlando Convention Center is destined to be a great success.

Matt Hart

It was announced publicly in the Diocese of Orlando.

Adam Horowitz

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We are thankful to have each other. Our kids are doing fine. We have been relying on strangers and one family member in Orlando. That's been a lesson.

Frank Johnson

The city of Orlando is going to evaluate all of its options based on features and functionality as it is unveiled.

John Matelski

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Brandon's not Nashville, where you have people recording on every corner, but there are a lot of opportunities for Christian artists in this area between Orlando and Tampa.

Ben Savage

(Orlando) just loved old barns.

Brian Cooper

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I think any storm that has the potential of impacting the city of Orlando we are concerned about, ... We are always concerned about a storm that may impact neighboring communities that could cause evacuees to come to the city of Orlando.

Buddy Dyer

He always told me that Lonnie was the best agent he ever dealt with. Lonnie worked out contracts for me when I was in Detroit, New Jersey and Orlando, and I never worried that we'd have problems with management afterwards.

Chuck Daly

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