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Oregon eliminated property and payroll factors in determining corporate income tax, which rewards new investment in property and equipment.

Caroline Pecquet

This community helped us get down there by raising $20,000. That's a strong statement to come all the way from Oregon.

Shelley Yonemura

I think it's the only way they are going to get better. And in their defense, Georgia and Oregon State are good teams.

Luke Jackson

The majority of our customers would be garbage companies throughout Oregon and Washington.

Roger Oukrop

The housing market in Central Oregon remains strong, as the region continues to be one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation. We are very excited about being in the expanding community of Madras and look forward to making this facility a base of operation for this important market in Oregon.

Phil Cox

I know when it comes to Arizona, (that's) been the history. It hasn't been that way this year, but in our situation a win is a win. It was good to get the blowout win against Oregon State to kind of reinstate the kind of things we can do. But whether we win by 25 or two it's a win. That's the important thing.

Fendi Onobun

It's a big issue. It affects both California and Oregon, and we're looking at a total ocean closure on salmon fishing.

Don Hansen

Any time you have increased market competition, that's generally a good thing. It will help moderate prices or price increases to California customers, to Oregon customers, and from Washington to Nevada.

Jon Tremayne

You have to assume that in any hazelnut orchard in Oregon, it's there. It's the No. 1 concern in the industry in terms of pest management.

Jeff Olsen

The hammer was the most competitive event on the women's end because Oregon brought their best. We went 1-3 and they went 2-4.

Ron Allice

We asked Oregon folks why did it happen, and they said ... the Legislature had been given two or three chances to do some common-sense stuff and they hadn't done it.

Keith Phillips

His big tournament is this summer and that's the national championships. That's where you get noticed nationally. Everybody in Oregon knows who Denny is, and most of Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California ? they know him here, but to get nationally known happens in Fargo.

Ariah Fasana

Check in with your friendly convention and visitors associations. There are many ways to see Oregon very inexpensively.

Kari Westlund

He got a piece of junk in the mountains, with a very good core and kept it going. Now it's an art piece. He's a major contributor to Oregon because of that.

John Carson

He has wonderful experience, just outstanding experience. He also has some Oregon experience.

Carol Mitchell

We believe it's a very promising way to leverage the research and development facilities that are located in Oregon and that can work on these projects.

Tom Potiowsky

It is a joy to have a cast of 19. You don't have that unless you are at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Conrad Bishop

We made it all the way to Portland, Oregon. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Davina Flores

This (Oregon program) is a little different beast than the Oregon and Oregon State teams of the early '90s.

Bobby Hauck

Congress has never said aid in dying is a crime. The people of Oregon say it's a blessing.

Barbara Coombs Lee