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We feel he really developed in the offseason. He worked very, very hard.

Tom Allen

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Our guys expected to win that football game. No doubt in my mind, they expected to win that game. It's carried over into the offseason, into preparation for the fall.

David Saunders

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It's a good win. Everybody was saying that we haven't played anyone good and we haven't done enough in the offseason. We just did what we had to do to win.

Michael Forbes

If you're expecting some kind of advantage because of the soap opera that was going on all offseason and through training camp and they won't be focused, that's not going to be the case. They get up for games like this.

Ike Reese

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Some of that comes from offseason training. They do an excellent job in the weight room.

Chris Collins

That was one of my goals this past offseason: to take some of the physical things that I didn't like about my game and look at them.

Jason Baker

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First thing is, he is a great kid. He worked so hard in the offseason to get that thing back and he came (into camp) in phenomenal shape. We were looking forward to getting him back in there and for that to happen, your heart just goes out to the guy.

Andy Reid

This is the first season since I've been here where most of the girls were committed in the offseason and are concentrating on one sport.

Max Miller

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Why was I not here? It was offseason, ... I could have returned his phone calls, but it was offseason.

Sean Taylor

We played a lot of young kids, especially up front. We won our last two games. Then we got bigger and stronger in the offseason.

Pat Murray

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I could've returned his phone calls, ... I'm not getting into that, but it was the offseason.

Sean Taylor

I was playing golf in Florida the day before this happened. I had the best round of the offseason -- I shot a 78 -- and I was making some money off my friends. I figured I'd keep getting better, then ...

Chris Doering

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We put a lot of emphasis during the offseason to come in here and do better against the run.

Bobby Hamilton

They'll step up, ... They had a great offseason and a great preseason.

Grady Jackson

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