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For us to take that article offline after 14 days really does us a disservice.

Jim Brady

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If Katrina had taken a wrong turn and gone to Georgia, it could potentially have taken that data center offline.

Christine Mackay

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91 percent of crude is offline as we speak. Sixty-one percent of the (natural) gas is offline, and it's going to get worse.

David Dismukes

Those who are looking for dates have learned to use the Internet both as a road map for the offline world and as a destination to meet people.

Mary Madden

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Are we surprised women are going to health and beauty stores? No, because that's where they're going offline. Are we surprised men like electronics and computers? No, because that's what they're doing offline.

Peggy O'neill

You're safer online than offline. And the safest place for you to be online is through your financial institution.

Matt Lewis

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