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John has matured a great deal and is now capable of being a leader for other players in the team. I'd say there is a very good chance that he will be captain of Norway before too long.

Aage Hareide

I am happy with the victory. But I've found that Norway changed eight players from the first match against the US. So we should stay cool. And we still have a long way to go.

Ma Liangxing

So the citizens of Norway own much of the gas, and the people of Ireland own none.

Fintan O'toole

You can't explain India to people. I can explain Ireland, Norway, the Alps, but I can't explain India.

Rick Steves

That's why I think Norway will feel it a lot more. The way we're playing, we're on a high and full of confidence. We've just got to play well and win.

Nigel Quashie

Norway would be best served by mapping what oil and gas opportunities exist in all of Northern Norway. At the same time, it is positive that the activity in the Barents Sea can continue.

Per Terje Vold

We heard about the Norway goal as we were eating on Saturday, so that was hard to take.

Jackie Mcnamara

No one understands cross country; no one is interested in the U.S.. Sponsorship and recognition are hard to get. It's like cricket in Norway.

Trond Nystad

It is necessary to coordinate our actions, as both Russia and Norway are interested in combating poaching and illegal fishing.

Alexei Gordeyev

I'm delighted to be back in the squad after missing out through injury for the last two games against Italy and Norway.

Garry O'connor

It is rare to have the opportunity to acquire a set of properties with the fit that we see here in the U.K. Central North Sea and Norway.

Jim Buckee

The (2005) report comes out on September 7 and yes, Norway is ranked as number 1 on the human development index.

Kemal Dervis

We probably have as many members as most of the other countries, but our base is so spread out. Exceptions to that are Norway and Russia, which have huge populations.

Max Cobb

We love Ireland because of the people. Norway because of the spectacular landscape. And Turkey because of the incredible history of civilization.

Priscilla Baldwin

The boys defended brilliantly against Carew at the back and we were just too strong for Norway. We might also have scored more goals as we had some chances in the second half.

Kenny Miller

Since China has only about 20 years' history in the biathlon, we should invite high-level coaches from strong countries like Germany , Norway and Russia , to help us.

Gao Xuedong

In the early 1990s, if you told somebody you were a curler, they probably wouldn't know what you were talking about -- unless they were from Canada, Sweden or Norway.

Jamie Korab

Why shouldn't America, and American children, have the same level of protection that kids do in France and Germany and Poland and Russia and Armenia and Ireland and Norway and a host of other countries?

Peter Crane