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27 norway quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

John has matured a great deal and is now capable of being a leader for other players in the team. I'd say there is a very good chance that he will be captain of Norway before too long.

Aage Hareide

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It's bitterly disappointing but I've been told there's no chance of me making the Scotland games. I was really looking forward to them after our great results against Italy and Norway.

Jackie Mcnamara

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You can't explain India to people. I can explain Ireland, Norway, the Alps, but I can't explain India.

Rick Steves

It is not a common product in Norway ... perhaps it's the best thing you can send to Norwegians.

Tor Naess

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Norway would be best served by mapping what oil and gas opportunities exist in all of Northern Norway. At the same time, it is positive that the activity in the Barents Sea can continue.

Per Terje Vold

We heard about the Norway goal as we were eating on Saturday, so that was hard to take.

Jackie Mcnamara

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No one understands cross country; no one is interested in the U.S.. Sponsorship and recognition are hard to get. It's like cricket in Norway.

Trond Nystad

We want to make the coastline around Norway more accessible for everyone.

Jens Stoltenberg

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I'm delighted to be back in the squad after missing out through injury for the last two games against Italy and Norway.

Garry O'connor

I think all the pressure is on Norway, because after the game with us they know we're capable of winning both games.

Nigel Quashie

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The (2005) report comes out on September 7 and yes, Norway is ranked as number 1 on the human development index.

Kemal Dervis

Apart from their goals, Norway haven't scored.

Terry Venables

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We love Ireland because of the people. Norway because of the spectacular landscape. And Turkey because of the incredible history of civilization.

Priscilla Baldwin

We have an historic opportunity to set a new course for Norway.

Kristin Halvorsen

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Since China has only about 20 years' history in the biathlon, we should invite high-level coaches from strong countries like Germany , Norway and Russia , to help us.

Gao Xuedong

After the Norway game, they decided to get the job done in the first game. They started off well. I had girls coming off the bench for me and getting the job done.

Brianna Bancroft

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Why shouldn't America, and American children, have the same level of protection that kids do in France and Germany and Poland and Russia and Armenia and Ireland and Norway and a host of other countries?

Peter Crane

We need to expand outside Norway given that the Norwegian continental shelf won't be able to deliver the growth we need.

Eivind Reiten

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