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We are an educated family, so it's very hard to fathom that this could happen. I don't think my nephew was involved in any gang-related [activity]. If he wasn't at home, he was with his girlfriend.

Bruce Clark

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I can remember some pictures that he brought back of children having the freedom you know, that we don't see here. My nephew and all the other Marines and contractors, did not give their life just for us to pull out of Iraq.

Bob Mccoy

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No one can say this is a niche genre because my mom is emailing me (Internet) videos, as is my nephew.

Andy Cohen

I had fun with it, ... I've been called everything from his grandson to his great-nephew.

Ivan Allen

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I can't leave my nephew. I gotta take him fishing, camping and hunting.

Rusty Wright

Honestly, I don't think I would have been that quick or even thought to do that, ... I'm just grateful he's OK, and I can't thank my nephew enough for what he did.

Donna King

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Everybody just started rushing out of the house and they didn't realize that my nephew was still inside the crib until after they all got out. And then it was too late.

Harry Ticman

I was on a bus getting off the plane for the game and my nephew called me. We hadn't heard from him. He called and he's doing good. I think he's in Texas.

Tory James

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My nephew and I jumped on it.

Charles Brown