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If you look away from something you're supposed to be looking for, that's called willful blindness, and willful blindness is one aspect of determining the negligence.

Michael Shapiro

Last Monday, a tragic series of errors, negligence and accidents suddenly cast us into darkness, tears, wounds and mourning.

Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

It doesn't appear to be foul play or gross negligence by the mother. This is just a tragic set of circumstances.

Bill Veteran

This act may provide an incentive for companies to actually plan for disasters, because if they don't, in some ways it's like negligence - it hurts customers and shareholders.

Matt Waller

This is criminal negligence by the state.

Bushra Gohar

Yesterday's accident cannot be excused, ... It was criminal negligence and I own moral responsibility for it.

Anil Kumar

I think it's gross negligence on the part of the developers.

Tim Norton

There is negligence here somewhere.

Tom Costa

Police will investigate whether the incident was a pure accident or a crime due to negligence.

Bambang Kuncoko

We spoke about those who perished, those who had their lives cut short. We spoke about irresponsibility and negligence.

Susanna Dudiyeva

There is no excuse for failing to declare one's business interests. It is simply a matter of filling out a form. Failure to do so constitutes either negligence or an attempt to conceal a possible conflict of interest or even contempt for the Parliamentary ethics process. Either way, there must be consequences.

Douglas Gibson

This is just corporate propaganda created by CEOs who want a get out of jail free card for corporate negligence.

Chris Mather

This was just with gross negligence. Sometimes saying 'sorry' is enough and sometimes it is not and I am afraid this is one of those times.

Richard Adams

The way the damage was done to the shack it was not due to the wood stove or a candle. It was negligence but we cannot prove it.

John Park

If that's your only excuse -- that your CFO was running rampant -- then that's negligence.

David Holland

If we find any negligence in the death of this offender, we will certainly take whatever appropriate action is necessary.

John Fougere

Unless there is negligence or fraud there must be some sort of limitation of liabilities, such as a multiple of fees earned.

Tony Dixon

What is depressing is the failure to act, the indifference, and the negligence of the federal government for everything that touches our seaway.

Michel Gauthier

Every week, more than a thousand patients are killed in American hospitals as a result of negligence.

Sidney Wolfe

How can Charles Clarke possibly remain in his job if his department's negligence has led to such appalling crimes?

Nick Clegg