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The muscle that is down there contracts and pulls so hard that it tears away from the bone and pulls some of the bone with it.

Phillip Brown

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Muscle tissue and milk are products in which no infection has ever been found in cattle, either experimentally or naturally.

Martin Hirsch

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Getting big, physical and muscle-bound isn't the way to go. Everyone needs to be flexible. They need to be fast.

Jean Paul Marat

Plus I wouldn't have to muscle through this crap anymore, and I'd be James Dean. Anyone can die in a car crash. It takes a special guy to actually be the car crash.

Danny Bonaduce

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Felicia is so versatile, and Gina is so aggressive that they really strengthen the defense. Gina can muscle her way through everybody, and she's a big spokesperson back there.

Jodie Davis

This concept possesses the heritage and classic forms of the original Dodge Challenger. However, the ability to use the Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 series architecture as the concept's foundation allowed us to bring a new level of quality and fit-and-finish to a muscle car icon.

Trevor Creed

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Desert War is thriving in Melbourne. He's actually put on weight since he's been down there and it's not fat, it's pure muscle.

Gai Waterhouse

Today doesn't mean much. It's just muscle-flexing day. The real work's still to come and it looks like it will be down to the driver.

Russell Ingall

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We see these jerky head movements, jerky eye movements. That indicates muscle tension being released.

Joseph Tecce

There is some inflammation in the muscle and it is his push-off leg, so that's a concern any time for a pitcher, ... We'll know more in the next day or so.

Stan Conte

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It could even be setting you up for injury if you have muscle imbalances.

Dino Novak

Real strength is not just a condition of one's muscle, but a tenderness in one's spirit.

McCallister Dodds

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Different muscle fibers respond to different weights.

Karyn Gallivan

It's a muscle strain in his back, so we've just got to let time go by.

Lawrence Frank

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It improves muscle strength and endurance levels, joint range of motion and flexibility, and balance.

Cedric Bryant

She's got some good muscle on her.

Sandi Kohler

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There's been some excruciating pain at times and there are still some muscle spasms, but not so much anymore. I'm feeling a little bit better every day.

Sean Casey

Muscle weighs more than fat so some people find their clothes are looser even if they haven't lost weight.

Kristin Sutherlin

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Activity of the nervous system improves the capacity for activity, just as exercising a muscle makes it stronger.

Dr. Ralph Gerard

We found that obesity was associated with a threefold increase in SCD1 expression in obese muscle, as well as a threefold higher level of SCD1 enzyme, compared to lean muscle.

Deborah Muoio

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